Book release on July 29, 2019
Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite 5 star Rating:
The Dragon Mother and the Azure Dragon Rising is a work of highly enjoyable mythological fiction penned by author David Hansford. This novella-length work is suitable for all ages due to its mild content, as well as stunning illustrations included by the author himself. In this engaging tale, part myth, part spiritual thinking, the origins of dragons and the powerful Dragon Mother is discussed, as well as many tales of encounters with dragons, in disguise or as themselves. The work asks you to be transported to the creative world, setting aside conventional ideas and believing in the reality of dragons along with the author.

It certainly isn’t difficult to feel whisked away to a world where dragons are real when you see the enchanting illustrations of author David Hansford. From the first page, those descriptions and depictions are sure to grip readers who appreciate the beauty and mystery of the dragon myth, as well as the photographs of real spiritual practices which can accompany the tales of dragons and their mystic power. David Hansford combines the stories from Chinese dragon mythology with an account of his own meditations and spiritual practices, explaining how a belief in the ancient wisdom of dragons can benefit your lifestyle in many ways. Though the tales are almost like fairy stories in their pleasant narration, the connection with real-world spiritual practices is where this work’s real magic lies. Overall, The Dragon Mother and the Azure Dragon Rising is a compelling work for the spiritually curious.

K.C. Finn, award-winning author of more than 25 novels including The Book of Shade, The Mind's Eye and Legions Lost.