Shen Paintings

The Universe is revealed in the small and insignificant, and in the intervals, pauses and quiet moments of active doing.  The unseen informs the seen.  To fathom the mysteries of the forces of the Universe observe the rhythm and patterns created by the unseen upon the thingness of the perceptual duality.




Shen 1, Stones                        Jacque's Sky                                                   Shen 21, Dog Berry



Shen 16, Autumn Yellow                                  Melina's Magnolia                                             Shen 17, Autumn of Nine Greens



Rhythm in Green                                             Transitions 1, Sea Glass                                   Dog Berry 2

Shen 3, Cactii                                                                  Shen 4, Gnarled Palm                          Shen 5, Autumn Cathedral

Shen 6, Autumn Fire                                                        Rhythm in Pink                                            Rhythm in Violet

Shen 12, Pink and Green                                                  Shen 13, Purple and White                                                Shen 14, Silver and White

Life in Middle C                                                             Fusion 1, Dogwood in Bloom      Magnolia