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In 1979 a great friend of ours Bob Shepard introduced us to letterboxing by taking us on a walk to Cuckoo Rock; this feature stands high and proud dominating the local area. In a cave below the rock was hidden a letterbox. With the treasure duly visited we continued our hike to take in Eylesbarrow and Drizzlecombe. From a ridge overlooking Giants Basin we were in awe of the view - we thought such a beautiful place and right on our doorstep.

Resulting from this experience we were lead through a portal into a world of exploration which has lasted some 30 years plus. In this time we were able to amass some more than 50.000 stamps. We’ve included a few sample stamps, one from each decade which has some significance to us.

All who are involved in letterboxing have their own pseudonyms, our initially was ‘Sheeps Scabs’. In time we changed our name to ‘The Dartmoor Bounders’. This name was as a result of bringing to light a 50 mile hike around the ancient boundary of Dartmoor as stated in the year 1240 (a link to this walk can be accessed by clicking on ‘HOME’).


Another offshoot to our Dartmoor ramblings is the instigation of the yearly pilgrimage on New Years’ Day to Fur Tor. In times past Fur Tor was known as Vur Tor. A link to photos can be accessed from this site.

        First Stamp Collected                First Stamp Sited By                                                                  Us 16 JUL 1979

            First New Years Day Stamp              



Our holidays would see us walking most of the Long Distance footpaths in Great Britain. We had great fun enjoying not only the challenge but the journey.

Now we’re starting to slow down, we’ve found another treasure hunting game – Geocaching. Caches are secreted all over the world & chasing them down has taken us to places we would never have explored or visited. Give it a try & log on to www.geocaching.com

Ian & Caroline

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