Case Studies


This 15 month old Labrador Puppy has a severe hip problem and was unable to stand unassisted, due to the fact he has a heart problem it limits his exercise and prohibits any operartion.
During our time with Zorro we have been treating him with weekly Photizo sessions and massages.
A specialized exercise regime was made up for Zorro that would not stress his heart.
Today (just a few months into treatment) he is running and jumping like he should be - with no visable signs of his fomer hip problems.


Ike is a 14 year old GSD who comes for bi-weekly swims, is also battleing with athritis and compressions in the spine, Ike is here to keep up his condition and build his strength to prevent any injuries that may occur.
Ike is very fit and healthly for his age and is rarely ill - when he does get ill he makes a quick and full recovery, surprizing everyone.