I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen. My research is in labor economics and applied econometrics. You can view my CV here.

NEWS (Fall 2022):

  • New NBER working paper: Racial inequality in the U.S. unemployment insurance system

  • Upjohn Institute Early Career Research Award to study “The Determinants of Disparities in Reservation Wages" with Maxim Massenkoff

  • I will be part of the Scientific Comittee guiding the Evaluation of the reform of unemployment insurance by the French Ministry of Labor in 2022-2024

  • I received the 2022 JEEA Excellence in Refereeing Award

  • Upcoming presentations:

    • Sep 15-16, 2022: CEPR-Bank of Italy Workshop: Labour market policies and institutions

    • Nov 23, 2022: Munich Workshop "Imagining a ‘New Normal’ for the Workplace" in honor of Claudia Goldin

    • Sep 2022-: Seminar presentations at University of Bonn ; Tilburg University ; University of Amsterdam ; University of Oxford ; University of Potsdam ; Joint Berlin seminar ; University of Aarhus ; Observatoire français des conjonctures économiques, Paris