I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen. My research is in labor economics, applied econometrics and policy evaluation.

You can view my CV here.


  • April 20-30, 2022: I will be visiting the Becker Friedman Institute, at the University of Chicago

  • April 2022: I received the Upjohn Institute Early Career Research Award to pursue research on "The Determinants of Disparities in Reservation Wages" with Maxim Massenkoff.

  • Spring 2022: I am really looking forwards to upcoming presentations & discussions:

    • I will give seminar presentations at the Bank of Canada, the Paris School of Economics, the University of British Columbia, Harris School of Policy, Chicago, Boston College, University LMU, Munich

    • March 24-25, 2022: I will present in the European Labor Symposium for Early Career Economists, at NHH Bergen

    • April 22, 2022: I will give a keynote presentation at the "Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Economy" conference, organized by the Urban Institute, Berkeley O-Lab, and the Princeton Program for Research on Inequality.

    • June 6-8, 2022: I will be a discussant at the NBER-TAPES Trans-Atlantic Public Economics Conference, in Copenhagen

    • June 16-18 , 2022: I will present in the Zurich-Lausanne Workshop on "Job Search and the Labor Market"