First Year FAQs

First Year Student and Parent FAQs:

Q.    Can I do band and sports?
A.    Absolutely! We can work around any sport/activity, with the exception of football and volleyball. We have several students that do other activities, such as swimming, wrestling, softball, baseball, etc. All we ask is to make sure you inform your coach and the band directors of any conflicts in a timely manner and we will work it out!
Q.    Can I do IB and AP and Band?
A.    Definitely! In fact, most of our students in band are IB and AP!

Q.    Do you have to be in marching band?
A.    Yes. Band is a year-long course.

Q.    What if I cant afford band?
A.    Don't worry! We do plenty of fundraisers that can be put toward your fees! 

Q.    How many after school rehearsals are there?
A.    During marching band season, our after school rehearsals are on Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm-4:30pm. Once November hits, we begin concert band. 

Q.    When is band camp for 2018 - 2019?
A.    We have three weeks of Band Camp. July 16th - 20th is the Guard and Percussion camp only. No brass or woodwinds. July 23rd - 27th is our Music Camp for brass and woodwinds only. We take this whole week to focus on the music only. July 30th - August 3rd is our Band camp where we put the music to the drill! Please visit our NEWS/CALENDAR page to view times and other required events!