Welcome to the unofficial open source english translation Website (TNWP Affiliate) of the book "Dajjal" written by Mufti Abu Lubaba.
First of all! JazakAllah to all of you who join hands together to translate the book "Dajjal" in English as to spread the message widely over the world. There are various books and websites on false stories on this subject and a very few authentic informational books and websites are available.
This book is written by an authentic scholar well known in Pakistan but since the book is written in the native language Urdu, many of the people from around the globe are unable to benifit themselves from this marvelous research.
In order to benifit people widely across the globe, we join hands together with you to translate the book in English.
We pray to ALLAH to accept our efforts and oblige us here and hereafter, Ameen!