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         Integral  Cyber  Intelligence

                                       CYBER/NET  INTELLIGENCE                                                                                 
                                              Cyberitm Security / Analytics

                       CYBERitm  NET   SECURITY  INTELLIGENCE

   Contributing to the empowerment of Enterprise Network Security and Intelligence operations,  CYBERitm offers hi-reliability local and global
Network Security Management  solutions, for state-of-the-art Intelligence 
and Analytics initiatives, to provide advanced Secure Networking Access with Content Monitoring / Management, - including: 

 - Comprehensive Network Security Analytics plus Net Intelligence
          Control and Surveillance.
      - Integrated Net Gateways and Firewalls, featuring dedicated Matrix
          Network controllers.
      - Secure Cloud Computing facilities with Encrypted Network content.

      Accordingly, CYBERitm  provides Managed Network Security and Monitoring capabilities for the secure utilization of LAN/WAN and wireless
Networking facilities, -incorporating:

                  Servers                 Mobility                  Firewalls        
                  Routers              PC Stations              Switches    

     These Secure Network Management solutions can include specialized 
options for managing Network Infrastructure Security, -typified by: 

                               - Security Status Monitoring
                               - Network Strategic Intelligence
                               - Security Event/Data Correlation
                               - Intrusion/Vulnerability Controls

                  NET  SECURITY  ANALYTICS


      - CYBERitm' technology capabilities for Network Security Analytics enables Enterprise I-T facilities to significantly advance the Manaagement and Efficacy of dynamic Networking Security and Surveillance operation   
      Networking Security Analytics can provide an Integrated and unified technology basis for global I-T Systems Intelligence, with automated:

      - Dynamic Intrusion Rejection & Cyber-Attack Reversion, - using:  

                   Comprehensive/Critical Net Security Analytics:                  
                              - Intrusion and Threat Detection

                              - Data Base Encryption Security
                              - Theft, Attack & Hacker Rejection
                              - Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
                              - Security Compliance / Management

     -  Now,  Networking Analytics can empower progressive Enterprise operations to substantially improve the Security performance of central 
I-T Systems and global Networks, providing:

                                 - Secure Information Intelligence
                                 - Automation of Security Responses
                                 - Integrated DBA / Security Structures
                                 - Predictive Security Intrusions/Threats

     - In addition, CYBERitm  also supplies intelligent Net Security Systems that encompass distributed Networking and Data-Center infrastructures, -for:

                              - Networking Operations Centers
                              - Net Gateway Security Structures
                              - Virtual Network Servers & Storage                        

                              - Secure Net Switching Equipment

                              - Net Routing & Bridge Controllers
                              - Network Secure Firewall Systems
                              - Mobility Systems & Work-Stations

                               NET  GATEWAY  SECURITY 

 - The Net Gateway Security Systems provide a comprehensive solution
for integral Monitoring, Analysis and Suppression of  illicit networking
activities and content, - including:

Multiple Network Intrusions and Threats:
                        - Cyber Attacks & Hacker Repulsion
                        - Spyware, Worms, Trojans, Ad Ware, 

                        - Viruses, Spam, Porn, Access Denials
                        - Risk Mitigation & Compliance Controls
      - For integrated Network infrastructures and Communications facilities
that encompass Gateway Anti-Viral/ Threat Reversion systems to detect
and eliminate malicious activities, including:

                      - Contra-Band Traffic and illicit Web Content
                      - E.Mail-Spam, Viruses or Hacking Intrusions
                      - Penetrations & Deviant Message Rejections 
    -To achieve leading-edge Security Analytics for Content/Data Control
and Intervention, -providing:

                       - Real-Time / Dynamic Net Protection, for:
                       - Dynamic Intrusion Detection & Controls
                       - Fire-Walls, Virtual Networks, Downloads
                       - Anti-Virus and Traffic / Data Intelligence

    - Thereby providing On-Line Interactive Networking Protection thru multi-disciplined Security Analytics, with reduced potential Threats, thru Detection,
Reversion and Viral prevention, - for variable security categories.

     Optimal Network / Security Performance can be realized with inter-modal download security for data transfers, up-loads, E.mail/content filtering and encoded Web traffic, with prioritized Network intelligence.

     Kindly contact CYBERitm directly for Security Technology references and for
specifications on Networking Gateway systems, or Multi-processor Network
Servers & Controllers and Secure Operating Systems.  

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