Other Projects

The below projects were pieces commissioned by private individuals or created by students of Todd Berget at Libby Central School.  
All projects were either donated to the community or paid for by private individuals and donations.

        4 ft. (from head to tail) Fish                                            $500 per 4 ft. fish                                                                    $500 per 4 ft. fish

6 ft. tall metal feathers. 

4 ft. diameter sunflower made as a 
retirement gift.  The final product will
be attached to a metal stem.  

Native American War Shirt.
Price: $2000

Sunflower located at private residence.

Metal feathers painted white and black. 

Murals painted on the side of Libby Sports Center.  The murals were a joint effort by Todd Berget and artist David Larimer. 

Fly pole and fish.  Pole is 25 ft. long. 
Price: $1800

Sunflower $300

Mural of firemen.

Giant metal spider suspended above Louisiana Ave. in Libby, MT.  The spider was created by students of Todd Berget at Libby Central School as an art class project.  

Close up of fishing pole. 

Native American Art Projects