Call for Papers
The abstract submission deadline for CUALHE 2016 has passed

CUALHE 2016 is seeking proposals for paper presentations, panel discussions, roundtables, colloquia, or other session formats that address any of the following topics:
  • The purposes, goals, and values of student learning outcomes (SLO) assessment
  • Contexts for outcomes assessment: community colleges, undergraduate/graduate programs, employment/professions
  • Assessing learning & outcomes at distinct points in college education, e.g.:
    • The first year experience and the language requirement
    • The minor and the major
    • Study abroad
    • The future professoriate
  • Outcomes assessment of diverse knowledge, skills, and dispositions, e.g.:
    • Cultural (e.g., intercultural competence, historical knowledge)
    • Humanistic (e.g., literary interpretation, critical thinking, aesthetic capacity)
    • Linguistic (e.g., proficiency, four skills, complexity/accuracy/fluency)
    • Integration of the above (e.g., genre or task abilities, professional competencies)

  • Submissions should be sent as an email attachment (word/pdf file) to
  • The abstract filename should include:
    • The principal author’s name
    • “CUALHE2016”
    • e.g., SmithCUALHE2016
  • Deadline for proposal submissions is June 5, 2016.
All submissions should include the following:
  • Author(s) contact information and other details:
    • Full name of principal presenter along with contact information (affiliation, telephone, email). All return correspondence will be to this individual only.
    • Full names, affiliations, and email addresses of co-presenter(s) if any
    • Type of presentation (paper, roundtable, colloquia/panel discussion, other)
    • AV equipment required
  • Presentation/Abstract details
    • Presentation title (15 word limit)
    • Presentation Summary (50-75 word limit): A brief description to be included in the conference program
    • Abstract (300-500 words): Extended description of the presentation for committee review


Please indicate the type of presentation format being proposed, from the following:
  • Individual papers: Paper submissions should be formal presentations on a topic related to SLO assessment research or practice, by one or more authors within a thirty-minute period, including time for discussion/questions.
  • Colloquia/Panel: Colloquia/Panels entail presentation of prepared papers on a related topic or theme, followed by structured discussion of those papers. Colloquia/Panel proposals should be clear about the overall theme/topic, objectives, and participants involved (e.g., the Chair, paper presenters, discussants). One of the main goals of this format is to foster dialogue among attendees, and time should be allocated for extended audience discussion (maximum 2 hours).
  • Roundtable: Roundtable sessions provide opportunities for informal, in-depth discussions between presenters and attendees on a specific topic. Roundtables involve discussion of a topic/theme without the presentation of papers. Proposals for roundtables should be clear about objectives, as well as the structure, activities, and other methods planned to engage participants. Proposals should also specify participant roles (e.g., the roundtable Chair and speakers) (maximum 1 hour).
  • Other presentation formats: Presenters are welcome to propose novel formats for CUALHE 2016. If choosing this option, authors should be as clear as possible about the objectives of the event, how these contribute to the conference theme, who will be participating, in what roles, what activities will be used to engage participants, and time length (also specifying a time limit). Novel presentation formats will be judged on the expectation of a novel contribution to outcomes assessment knowledge or practice and the likely productiveness of the experience for conference attendees.

Proposals will be reviewed by a committee of peers for:
  • Relevance to the CUALHE 2016 theme and topics
  • Expectation of a novel, interesting contribution to knowledge/practice of assessment in language education
  • Clarity and evidence of a well-organized, engaging presentation
  • For roundtables/panels/colloquia: a clearly indicated schedule of activities, with appropriate amount of time for discussion and audience participation.

Notification of acceptance decisions will be made by July 10th, 2016.