Please Read the following Terms Of Service


In order to ensure that Crystal City Community servers remain a Safe and enjoyable place for everyone.
It is imperative that our users read, understand and adhere to the following terms and conditions set forth by this document.

NOTE: These Terms can change at any time therefore it is the users responsibility to check for any changes to these terms and conditions.


  • Crystal Credits - Crystal Creidts are CCMC's exclusive in game currency. Credits cannot be purchased with real money and can only be earned in the game and/or exchanged for various items and services within the game. You can also excnhnage ores and refined minerials that you get from mining, these can also be exchanged for credits using the CC exchange system.

    NOTE: Credits are earned only while playing on the server, logging into the server and standing there will not earn you credits. For every hour you are actively on the server and not idling, you will earn a set amount of credits depending on your CCMC membership status. 

  • Griefing - An Action and/or Activity that's primary and/or inherent purpose is to harm and/or violate a member's rights and/or privileges on the server.
    NOTE: Greifing is also considered whenever a user abuses chat and/or attempts to destroy sever property whether public or private.

    Greifing will result in a automatic Suspension for a minimum of 1 month, a Referral, and a DHC for the 1st violation. All subsequent infractions, will result in an automatic PermaBan.

  • Senior Administrative Staff - Any user who has been granted the use of Special Operator Privileges.
    NOTE: these privileges allow for management and enforcing TOS set forth by this contract.

  • Bullying - Any action that either physically, emotionally and/or socially harms another individual's rights and/or privileges.

  • Mod A program and/or file that either runs off the client's local machine or off a remote server system.
    It enables the client to load add-on's and special components to the game that are not 
    available through the standard client software package.

  • Plugin A Server side only mod or program that allows users to use additional features without the client needing to download anything.
    Therefore, the server hosts the software remotely when the client connects to the server.

  • Server Any computer system that runs special software that is designed to host programs and services to the player or client system.

  • Client Any computer system that connects to the Server system remotely through the clients local internet connection.

  • Mini Map A small program and/or file that allows the client to navigate in the game environment using a HUD on the clients screen while in game.

  • Resources - Any items that a player possesses in his or her inventory. i.e. chests and enderchests on that player's private property.

  • PVP A form of player vs. player combat.
    NOTE: PVP is when a players fight against one another in a competitive sport such as the Hunger games events or as a team trying to survive on one the designated adventure worlds. 

  • PVE A form of player vs. environment.
    Player's fights monsters and hostile mobs generated by the server.
     Certain areas where such mobs should not spawn are PVE disabled.

  • Action Staff A group of highly trained and dedicated staff members whose primary job is to assist the Senior Staff in crisis situations.
    Tasks Include: Griefing Mitigation, Regional Repair Issues (RRI's), maintenance, and Restoration of Server Resources (RSR's).

    This team is designated as the CCMC's Disaster Recovery Team or DRT.

  • Dumb Pits - Digging a 1x1 hole with no ladder to get out is considered inappropriate greifing of our server.
    NOTE: Holes will be filled in with sand or covered up by an admin or system moderator.

    Users who create these types of pits will be given warnings before he or she is removed and/or suspended from the server.

  • Pixel Polling/Babble Poles - Building pillars towards the sky is considered inappropriate use of Server resources.
    Please do not create 1x1 poles towards the sky.
    If you plan on building something in the air and/or need to reach something you may create such structures.

    These structures must be removed when finished. Users get 3 warnings before they are removed and/or suspended by a admin or system moderator.

  • Suspension/Temporary Ban - A Suspension is a temporary ban.
    NOTE: Time Frames for most suspensions ranges from 3 days to 1 month respectively.

    However, our staff hold the right to increase and/or adjust the suspension time if we deem it appropirate.

  • PermaBan - This means that the User has been completely removed from our servers and has been Banned for Life!
    He or she can never access the server again.

    NOTE: Users are usually PermaBanned if they have committed a serious offense or have violated several or more rules on our server.
    Also, Users who have violated and/or received numerous (more then 5) warnings and/or referrals from our staff.

  • Referrals - Referrals are special documentation and meetings that help us track users who have violated and/or performed some form of moderate to serious misconduct on our server.
    NOTE: Referrals are usually given if a users have received Numerous Warnings (at least 5) for violating our Terms of Service.

    WARNING: Users can be issued a Referral if they are considered a repeat offender meaning, he or she has been suspended and still conducts acts of misconduct.

    Users are ONLY allowed 4 Referrals before he or she is asked to attend a Dicipline Hearing. (see section on DHC's for further information)

  • DHC's/Disciplinary Hearing Committees - These meetings are conducted to evaluate our users actions on our server.
    IMPORTANT: Occasionally, the user may be asked to sit in on these meetings.

    Meetings are conducted on Skype and usually have 2 or more senior Administrative staff present during the meeting.
    Also, an Action Staff member may be present. 
    During these meetings, our staff will review and discuss documentation regarding the persons actions, determine if the user(s) should receive a suspension and/or a PermaBan.
    The staff may ask the user(s) why they violated our policies. In some situations, the user(s) may be asked to speak in their own defence.

  • White Listed Servers - The Term Whitelisted mean you must be manually added to this list in order to access that server. 
    IMPORTANT: All Whitelisted Servers are configured to automatically kick all non-white-listed clients from attempting to access that server.

     Servers that are whitelisted require users/players to register through our website and create an account with us. also, the user must have a valid (Paid) minecraft account which has been registered through Mojangs web authentication servers. 

     WARNING: Users who are not registered and attempt to access these whitelisted servers will be automatically given three warnings before the server auto suspends
    that user for 3 days. Repeated attempts to gain access to the server will double the suspension time by an additional 6 days and may get your account locked by an administrator for attempting a brute force access.

  • VIP Restricted Worlds - Users who have been registered with CCMC for at least 1 full year have this status. 
    IMPORTANT: Some worlds that are VIP restricted, are only accessable if you hold the VIP group tag or have specialized permission to these areas by an administrator.
    (ex. builders)
          NOTE: Areas restricted to VIP members are monitored by 24/7 automated surveillance systems.
  • RESTRICTED Items  - Users who have any Restricted Items will be have these items removed from their inventories by an administrator or system moderator. 

    The  Following Items are Restricted and may NOT be in any players possession at ANY Time.

    NOTE: Ops and admins are exempt for these restrictions. However, these items must be approved and used only on a limited basis.

    • TNT
    • Lighters (flint and Steel)
    • Blaze Rods
    • Magma orbs
    • creeper, ghast, wither, blaze, magma cube and/or slime spawner’s and eggs
    • Golden axes
    • Nether Rack
  • Limited Use Items  - Users are permitted to have these items in their inventories but such items may NOT be used to Greif and/or harass other players on our servers. 

    The  Following Items are Limited Use and may be in any players possession at LIMITED Times. 

    NOTE: Ops and admins are exempt for these restrictions.

    • Ingredients to make explosives (TNT)
    • Lighters (flint and Steel)
    • Spell Books and Poisons
    • ender chests
    • chicken eggs
    • Golden axes
    • Ender Pearls
    • Ender stone
    • ender dragon eggs


As a member of the Crystal City Minecraft Server Community, our mission is to ensure that our users including our staff and system management teams understand that these rules and requirements have been established to ensure and maintain a safe and equal environment for everyone and therefore any action that is deemed as unacceptable and/or negligent in any way will be addressed accordingly.

Grief Prevention Policy

Griefing is defined as:
"Any action and/or activity that’s Primary and/or inherent purpose is to harm and/or violate a member’s rights and/or privileges." - Webster Dictionary, 2014 edition 

Such actions and/or activities on our servers are strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with these rules and requirements will result in immediate administrative actions and may result in the violator(s) removal and/or revocation of all privileges and membership status on our servers.

 CCMC’s Anti Arms Policy

To prevent the use of destructive items, such as TNT, the use of these items is strictly reserved for Senior Administrative staff and therefore is not allowed on Any world or Server hosted by CCMC. Furthermore, if Non-Senior Administrative user(s) or standard users uses and/or implement such items and/or software components those user(s) access privileges will be revoked for the first violation. Any future violations will result in a suspension and/or removal from the server entirely.   

NOTE: If a member uses a mod and/or external program of any kind to override, alter and/or force unauthorized access to privileges and settings specifically reserved for Senior Administrative staff, the user and/or group of users who were involved will be automatically perma-banned and all access to both the Server and our website will be revoked.

Revocation of User Access Privileges

The Crystal City Staff and system management teams hold full rights to revoke and/or suspend any and all privileges to both the server and the CCMC website.

If you violate and/or fail to comply with the rules of the server, including those set forth by administrators. Your privileges on the server will be revoked and those users may face additional penalties.

The Use of Mods or External Software Policy

The use of and/or implementation of external software, plug-ins and/or mod-pack’s other than those from the approved list of Mini-Maps listed below, is strictly prohibited.

NOTE: All clients that connect to the Server will not be permitted to access the Server if the server system detects any malicious and/or unauthorized software that is running either as external software, a plug-in override software/program and/or mod-pack that enables the user or group of users to participate in unauthorized activities such as, Greifing, Hacking and/or bullying of any kind.
If a client is detected on the server and that client is using unauthorized external Software, that client will be automatically kicked off the server for the 1st offence. All subsequent violations will result in a Ban and/or revocation of that user’s access privileges to our server.

Mini Map Mods and Software components

 Mini-map NamePermitted FeaturesApproved/Denied

Rei's Mini-map Mod (Client only)
Player Markers
Spawn Markers
Way point Markers
Hostile Mob Markers
Terrain Mode ONLY
Coordinate Markings


Zen Mini Map Mod (Client Only) 
 Player Markers
Spawn Markers
Way point Markers
Hostile Mob Markers
Terrain Mode ONLY
Coordinate Markings



Dynmap Web Client
Player Markers
Spawn Makers
Shops and Sign Markers (optional)
2D/3D Surface Terrain modes ONLY


NOTE: The above chart contains the list of Approved Mods and Client software that are permitted on our server as long as the Mod and/or software component is configured to only use the permitted features. Additional Features that may or may not appear in this chart must be verified and approved by Senior administrative staff before a client may use those additional features.

Texture Packs and Resource Pack Restriction Policy

In order to prevent our users from cheating on our servers, there are certain rules and limitations which restrict users from using certain Texture Packs, Resource Packs and/or client side mods that enable the use of X-Ray to see through certain blocks and materials on the server.

Please be advised that the use of such resources to include, Texture packs, mod packs and Resource Packs is hereby prohibited on the CCMC servers. If you or another player is suspected of using such resources to cheat on the server, the user(s) will kindly be asked to disable these resources for the 1st infraction. Afterwards, if the user(s) continue to use these resources to cheat, they will be suspended for a minimum of 2 weeks.

NOTE: The maximum penalty for violating this policy is either a 1 month suspension and/or a Referral. 
Our administrators hold the rights to issue a PermaBan if the violator fails to comply with the rules.

Limited Use of Player Resources Policy

    All User’s on Our Servers are entitled to their individual privacy and therefore each player holds the privilege to use resources on the Server. To clarify, there are NO Factions permitted on our Servers, there is NO Stealing of other user’s possessions or items, including but not limited to those items that the user drops upon death by a player or hostile mob.

    If a user reports an item or set of items as stolen and they Know and can prove that another player has taken these items the thief or thieves will have their inventory cleared and all stolen items returned to their original owners. Any subsequent violations will result in immediate removal from the server based on the evidence presented by both parties and the official decision of the Senior Staff.

PVP Restrictions Policy

PVP or Player vs. Player combat is not permitted in public areas to include:

  • Main Spawn and welcome areas
  • Inside or near another player’s property
  • On the Subway or MRail Stations
  • Near or within City Limits to include the CCIA airport
If you suspect a user is violating the PVP Restrictions Policy please report it to an Administrator or system moderator.

NOTE: PVP is permitted ONLY in areas where PVP is allowed for example the Hunger Games Arenas and the wilderness.

Unethical Misconduct Policy

Any act of unethical and/or unlawful behaviour will addressed with extreme administrative action.

    Acts of aggression, violence, verbal and/or non-verbal threats that are inherently directed at another person and/or group in a manner that suggests any prejudice statement, whether it is one of race, ethnicity, class and/or religious beliefs, is strictly prohibited on our servers. If you are suspected of any acts of unethical misconduct the player or group of players involved will be receive a verbal warning form an administrator for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd offence

NOTE: If the User(s) actions continue to violate our Terms, the user(s) may be asked to attend a meeting with a DHC or Disciplinary Hearing committee’s. Users are allowed 2 Hearings before the user is Suspended and/or PermaBanned.

Player Harassment and Other Forms of Misconduct

Harassment is considered a form of bullying and thus will not be tolerated by anyone on the Server.

Harassment of another person or player is strictly prohibited and the harasser’s actions will be addressed by our senior staff and system management staff.

NOTE: If you or another player is being harassed please say something to any op, moderator or system administrator currently on duty.

 Your Rights as a User

As a User You have the right to:

  • Contact an admin or system operator if you have an issue regarding the site, a situation or conflict with another player or group of players and/or you have a support related concern.
  • Manage and maintain your privacy and security of your account through CCMC.
  • Request support from our staff at any time either through email, by phone and/or our support services on our website and toll free hotline.
  • Have limited access to worlds and regions available to our users.
  • Earn and manage crystal credits (CC’s) which you receive in the game.
  • Start your own in game business upon consent of our staff.
  • Own or rent a home in the Crystal City World.
  • Travel on CCMC’s Public Transit system (MRail)
  • Communicate and interact with other users in safe and secure environments.
  • Protect and secure your home or property.
  • Disable and/or terminate your account with CCMC without penalty.
  • Build and create while doing so in a mature and friendly manner.

User’s Responsibilities

Each member of our servers is responsible for ensuring that they feel welcomed by the other members of the CCMC community. As a user you are responsible for the following.

  • Notify a staff member if you notice, suspect and/or know a user is violating any of the rules and restrictions set forth by this contract.
  • Report ALL acts of bullying, Greifing, harassment and/or mischievous behaviour of any kind to a staff member.
  • Protect your account and refrain from sharing any information regarding your privacy.
  • Report any acts of misconduct and/or unethical behaviour to a staff member immediately or within 24 hours of the incident occurring. DO NOT take matters into your own hands.
  • Report any use of TNT, Mods (other than that of the approved mini maps) to an administrator or Action staff member.
  • Follow and adhere all directions, commands and/or instructions given by our staff. 

CCMC User Privacy Policy Agreement

CCMC is here to protect your privacy and that of your account both on our website and on our servers. To ensure the upmost protection, CCMC servers occasionally collect data from our users while they are on the server. 

The data collected by our servers, helps us ensure the following security standards and ensures your account is protected while playing on our servers.Login and logout Sessions - IP addrssses MAC addresses and Minecraft account UUID's are collected when any user establishes a connection to our servers.
  • In-game Iventory activity - Occasionally, The server will scan your invenotry and hotbar for items that are on the restricted items list. These item ID's are stored for review later.
  • Chest Access - Every time a user opens and/or closes a chest to include, Normal, Traped and ender chests. Also, any items removed from and/or added to the chest are recorded and logged.
  • Teleport, warp and position logging - whenever a user requested a telport, is teleported, uses a warp point and/or logs off these actions are logged and recorded. Also, that players current position is saved and recorded for up to 10 days or until they log in again, at which this information is cleared.
  • Credit Transfers and transactions - All Credit transfers, payments and transactions are recorded. Information logged include: timestamps, who inintaited the transfer, to whom the transfer was sent, the amount being transfered or recieved as well as, what items and/or services were requested and/or recieved.
  • Block place and Block breaking - Every so often, the server will record the total number of blocks placed by all players as well as those blocks destoryed and/or changed by a player who is in survival.

    Note: Players in creative mode, to include, admins and ops are aduited at random intervals to ensure certain security and managment policies are adheard to.

  • Combat logging - Any PVP based combat within select areas may be subject to audits and may be recorded.

    Areas in which such audits take place include:
    • Spawn
    • Airports and transit terminals
    • Subway stations
    • Event Locations where PVP may not be premitted.
    • Hunger Games arena
    • Privately owned and protected property
    • Plot world

  • command usage auditing - All commands entered by any player regardless of op permissions are logged and recorded for a peroid of 1 month.
  • CCMC account changes - Any changes made to your CCMC account to include, password resets, account creations, email and/or mangement changes are recorded.

    NOTE: For the sake of your own privacy, we do not track passwords and/or authentication codes these can only be seen by the user who established the account. However, administrators can change and/or reset any aspects of your CCMC account but only upon request by the user or account holder of that account in question.

  • Live in-game video survalence - CCMC has installed special in game video survalience systems in certain key areas of the server. These survalience devices are always on and monitoring player's activities within the selected locations on the server.

    NOTE: Activities and actions captured by these systems can be subject to review at any tiem by our staff and security management teams. As a result, any activities that are recorded and deamed as violations to any Terms set forth within this contract may be used as evidence against the user(s) during a DHC meeting.

    WARNING: Tampering, disabling and/or destroyign these security appliances will result in an account suspension for a minuium of 3 weeks to a maxium of 1 month respectively.

    NOTE: Administrators may impose additional sacntions, penalties and/or punishments depending on the sistuation and curimstances.

Disclaimer – Disputes Governed by this Contract

Any and all disputes regarding these terms of service will be settled by a panel of senior staff who will discuss the situation as well as any possible revisions and/or changes that would need to be addressed if the need arises.

NOTE: User’s hold the privilege to raise any concerns they may have with this contract with a staff member. However, The Official decisions regarding the management of our servers rests in the hands of the Staff on the panel and therefore any user who does not agree with or chooses to disregard the panel’s decision may face additional penalties. These penalties may include, but are not limited to, Removal of that user’s privileges, restricting access to certain worlds or regions, account suspension and/or termination of that user’s account and removal from the server entirely.

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