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CC Exchange

Welcome to the Crystal Credit Exchange Center, Here you can see how much your ores, ingots and gems cost in crystal credits.

How does this system work?

Its very simple really, using self calcuating feilds the system implements a special algarythm to calcualte and compute the total value of credits based on the type of ore and its qauntity.
once these number are crunched, the system spits out a estimated sum value (in credits) of all the ores, ingots and and gems you wish to exchange.

How do I Know I will recieve my credits?

The Exchange system is setup to generate a unqiue reffrence ID number for each request.
If you don't get your requested Credits within 48 hours of recieving the confiormation email please send us an email. Email us

What are the Echange rates for convertign items into Credits?

The Exchange rates are listed in the coversion chart below.

 Item Type  Credit value 
 Iron Ore 50
 Iron Ingot 65
 Gold Ore 70
 Gold Ingot 85
 Diamond Gem 150
 Lapis Lazuli Gem 500
 Emerald Gem 1,000

Can I purchase credits using real money or a credit card?

No, Due to Mojang's No Microtrasnaction policy, Servers are not allowed to proccess and/or accept microtransactions of any kind.

How do I Earn More credits?

There are 3 ways to earn additional Credits through CCMC.
These methods include:
  • Mine ores and gems to exchange for credits.
  • Start a small busniess on our server wit happroval from our Staff.
  • Actively interact and play on our server for 1 or more hours and earn a set number of credits based on your memebership status.

Can Credits be converted back into Items?

No, At this time there is no system in place to do this. However, we are working on such system. We will announce its release once its ready for deployment.