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                                                      What is Crystal City Minecraft Community Servers?

Crystal Columns is an interactive community Web based System where fans of the most Popular adventure/Building Game, Minecraft, can see, watch and even join their friends and family on the biggest, most advanced Minecraft server ever to exist. 

Crystal City and the development teams here at Crystal Columns are proud to bring you the Crystal City dream to the Minecraft gaming environment.

Spend hours of endless fun with your friends on our Minecraft Server.

See the vast and ever growing city, first hand, Complete with our Fastest Subways system ever, MrailCompete in the Hunger games arenas, Hunt zombies in the all New Severed Soulz Roleplay adventures, find your friends in the smash hit hide and seek game Block Hunter and so much more.

How do I join?

It's quite simple really, all you need is the following items:

A valid Minecraft Account.
A working internet connection.
A Windows, Mac or 3rd Party Operating System such as Ubuntu Linux.
A good Graphics Card.
A Intel i5 or newer dual core processor or an AMD equivalent.

Please check your graphics card, CPU and computer system to see if you can run minecraft Here.

 Ensure you have the most recent Version of JAVA Jre7 installed. 

 Don't have Java you can get it Here.

 The Official 1.7.10 Minecraft Client Launcher from Minecraft.net.

Click Here to download this file.

I can't get onto the Server? What now?

It's possible that you forgot to complete one of the following.

- Installed the required software packages.

- Configure your Minecraft launcher for 1.7.9 or 1.7.10.

     - Ensure you have a stable internet connection such as a WiFi or broadband signal and your using a Computer to connect.

NOTE: Xbox One, PlayStation and other versions of Minecraft,
iPhone and Android clients 
are not compatible with 
the PC versions of Minecraft. 
 Attempting to connect using a
 gaming console
 (Xbox 360 and Playstation)
 smartphone will not work, 
 you must download the game 
 onto your computer to play.

 How do I Get help?
Click Here to access our Customer support system or call our 24/7 Unattended Support Hotline: (240) - 483 - 4684 

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