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(Updated 10/13/19) 
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     Crusader is the activist formerly known as Andrew Ross Exler who legalized same-sex dancing at Disneyland in the 1980s.  He resides in Menifee, California, not far from Perris and about 17 miles from Temecula. 
     Welcome to his corner!  

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So Who is this Crusader dude anyhow?


Yep, that's my full legal name and activism is my game!


I legally changed my  name on July 6, 1995, because it fits, and the old saying is "If the shoe fits, wear it."


When I am not involved in fighting a cause, I  proofread depositions and court transcripts for a living.


I also volunteer for prisoners and have  assisted many people with consumer affairs issues.


Activism started  early in my life (as did my puberty) at around age  11 when I refused to stand and recite The Pledge of Allegiance.  I also refused to bow my head for silent  prayer with other students at lunch.  These events took place at a public elementary school.


By the time I was 19, I  was making international news after being physically ejected from The Gayest Place on Earth (Disneyland) while  disco dancing with another male teen on September  13, 1980.  Naturally, I sued the park and won the case in 1984.


The emphasis of this web site are my writings, mostly under the column titled "Crusader's Corner," which was first published in The Bottom Line magazine (Palm Springs, CA) in the late 1980s.  I have some of those old articles on a diskette somewhere and will put them up when time permits.


One fag rag publisher once referred to the column as "Funny, Irreverent, Controversial."


Check out my bio Page Which Includes Dozens of Archived News Clippings:


Here's an updated 2014 Pic of The Real Crusader:


Cruising With Tom

Please note that in the wake of more recent events where Scientology has been exposed via credible books and TV programs, I no longer respect him, am NOT a fan, will not purchase any of his movies, and pray that he will denounce one of the most dehumanizing and criminal cults in the world today: Scientology!

Tom Cruise has always had a huge gay following and I may have been one of his biggest fans.  Even though I often mixed in some innuendo when writing about him, I managed to escape any problems with his legal team.

Please visit my Cruising With Tom page for some of my titillating articles/commentaries that I have archived for your reading pleasure.

Eminem is Yummier Than Tom Cruise!

Cruise and Em actually have a lot in common.  Both are handsome and
have been fighting for the rights of everyone.  Through his activism, Cruise has fought for religious freedom.  Through his controversial lyrics, Em has fought to uphold important constitutional rights for everyone!
Long before Elton John came to Eminem's defense and sang with him at The Grammys, Crusader was in Em's corner fighting for his artistic freedom!  Be sure to check out these exclusive articles and commentary about the king of rap.

Quotations Worth Repeating (re Matthew Shepard)

October 12, 2019, marked the 21st anniversary of the tragic and brutal death of Matthew Shepard.  To read some of the archived quotations from one of my archived columns, please click on Matthew Shepard Quotations.
Matthew was born on December 1, 1976, in Casper, Wyoming, and went to the other side on October 12, 1998, in Fort Collins, Colorado.  

Be sure to check out the fabulous and inspirational memoir written by Matthew's mother, Judy Shepard: "The Meaning of Matthew: My Son’s Murder in Laramie, and a World Transformed."  I purchased the audio version from and enjoyed it immensely.  Judy and Dennis Shepard narrate.

Morris Kight (1919-2003):  Not as Yummy as Cruise or Em, but we must never forget this man!

Morris and I were friends and comrades for 23 years.  
He was an amazing man and greatly influenced my 
decision early in life to dedicate as much free time as possible to helping others and hopefully making this world a better place in which to live.
Wikipedia has some great details on the man and his life.  Also, here are some exclusive articles from moi:

He Didn't Do It!

Earl Henry Rhoney IV (1976-2001), was
wrongly convicted in the January 1994 murder of Irvine, California, resident Patricia Lea Pratt.
This was a clear case where law enforcement and the justice system failed.  The cops only focused on Rhoney because they couldn't solve the case in any other way.  The trial judge erred by allowing tainted dog scent evidence to be introduced by the prosecution.  After it was too late, the judge basically admitted that he screwed up and granted a new trial.
Although Rhoney was eventually released from Orange County Jail, I believe the stigma of "murderer" may have contributed to the automobile accident that killed him at the young age of 25.
My commentary, Sniffing Out the Truth, provides a good overview of the case in support of his innocence.  Also available are two news articles about his case.

Parody That Nearly Got Crusader Sued!

Read the controversial parody about a celebrity interviewer that took the gay community by storm!

The Unfaked Interview With Tim Nasson is a parody that was removed from the website in 2004 after the threat of litigation from the so-called celebrity interviewer.


In 1991, the national GLBT newsmagazine The Advocate hired me to write a feature article about then-mayor of Palm Springs, Sonny Bono.
After about 20 edits, the article that was published wasn't all that bad; however, they did a good job of shredding some of the more sordid facts I gathered about Bono while interviewing dozens of people about the man who went on to become a member of U.S. Congress.
For the first time, here is an unedited no-holds-barred version of the article I wrote:  Sonny Bono Turns His Back on Lesbians and Gays (1991)

Crusader's Corner Archives

Not much available yet because this is a huge undertaking, and I have to make a living, despite the rumours I've heard over the years how I've made it rich by my civil rights lawsuits; not true!  Click below to see my archived columns: