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CrossMgr and SeriesMgr 3.x.x Users: Time to Upgrade

posted Sep 3, 2019, 4:47 PM by Edward Sitarski
If you are running CrossMgr 3.x.x or SeriesMgr 3.x.x, please upgrade to CrossMgr 3.0.29 and SeriesMgr 3.0.4 (or later).
There have been some important bug fixes with RaceDB integration.

Regarding the 3 series versions, I am no longer seeing bug reports about the conversion to Python 3 (just bugs that were there before).  This stability is good news as Python 2 goes out of support in 2020.
This project turned out to be a lot more painful than expected, however, the upgrade ensures that the CrossMgr software will be available for years to come.
Thanks to all for the great feedback and patience.