stress-free-driving-servicesLearning to Drive

You start by becoming familiar with the car, how to make the various adjustments to make sure you are comfortable and can reach all the controls and have the best possible all round view of what is happening outside the car.

You will then move on to the mechanics of driving; starting and stopping, changing gear, signalling and steering.

As you gain confidence you will then move into traffic, progressively getting busier.

During this time you will be learning the observational techniques required to make you a safe, skilful driver.

You will also learn the manoeuvres required for the driving test.

As you are an individual your lessons will be matched to your progress and not a “one size fits all” course.

Before the official driving test you will have a mock test to let you experience test conditions.


Advanced Driving

You would normally undergo advanced training in your own vehicle.

You would have an assessment drive which would cover town streets, country roads, Motorways and fast Dual Carriageways.

Following this a training plan would be drawn up and agreed with you. Advanced Instruction is given following the guidance given in the “Roadcraft” manual.