financial intermediation

 Module I: Financial intermediation basics

                           ·         Introduction & Defreezing

·         Understanding risks in financial intermediation

·         Essential information system for a MFI

                          Module II: Micro Finance Accounting System and MIS

         ·           Basic Accounting system

·           Essential Financial Reports

·           Using Financial Reports for monitoring and decision making.

                            Module III: Course work on Loan portfolio reporting system

                          ·         Relevance of MFI's Loan policy

·         Measurement of default

·         Treatment of prepaid and arrear loans

·         Loan reschedulement

·         Portfolio at risk and loan loss

·         Portfolio report

                                                    Module IV: Micro Finance Savings & Credit services

                          ·         Factors for MFI's saving mobilisation

·         Creating incentives for loan repayment

·         Determinants of interest rate on savings and lending

·         Sustainable interest rate

·         Organising paper works & internal control