web based support

  • enhanced donor-beneficiary interface
  • greater accountability & transparency
  • faster tracking of transactions
  • faster report generation
  • remote access monitoring

Scope of web based supports

  • The overarching web space accomodates each of the sub-projects and the details may be obtained with a specific project code
  • The interfaces and accesses are designed to cater general public, fund/project managers, donors, grantees
  • Level-specific access (i.e. for donors, fund/project  managers and grantees) for Data entry and report generation
  • generates level-specific reports (i.e. for donors, fund/project  managers and grantees)
  • captures the developments of the entire life cycle of individual projects, i.e. participatory project appraisal, sanctioning, disbursement of grants, monitoring of grants, physical & financial progress and project completion
  • major project milestones such as participatory appraisal of the project and formation of micro enterprises are also documented in Visual basic and uploaded on the webpage through You Tube
  • works on web noton server hence the existing webspace of I/CF may be utilized
  • the back-end database is maintained in MS Excel hence it's user-friendly
  • MIS reports are based on the basis of key programmatic and financial performance indicators drawn from the approved project reports. Data entry field are also created accordingly.
  • logical check is desived for eliminate any inconsistancy/ inaccurancy, fudging 
  • data may be updated from any remote areas and reports may be accessed from