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A letter from our Creakers Club President.  6 August 2020.

Hope you are all doing well.

The following email contains information for upcoming events.

  1. August 26th.  Trap and Skeet shotgun shoot at Boulder City.  Gates will open at 7:15 am. Shoot will start at 8:00 am.  Will go to about 11:00am.  As of now, 16 creakers have signed up.

Note. This is not the self defense shotgun class taught before.

  1. September 14th.  Fun Pistol shoot.  14 creakers have signed up. Details forthcoming.
  2. September 23rd.  .22 rifle shoot.  11 creakers have signed up.  Details forthcoming.
  3. September 25th.  Long rifle shoot.  3 creakers have signed up. Details forthcoming.

 All of the above events are still open for sign up.  If you have not signed up and want to, send Skip an email you want to sign up.

Skip’s email is sandn.lvconnect@cox.net

 4 creakers have signed up for .22 rifle class.  This class will be held.  Details forthcoming.  If you want to sign up for this, send Skip an email.

Note. Skip is having trouble with his internet carrier.  If you send him an email for sign up, ask for a reply from Skip to acknowledge your request.

The next Board of Directors meeting is August 20th.  If you want any issues or suggestions discussed, please tell me or one of your Board of Directors.  Those subjects will be put on the agenda.

Lastly, if you are planning a trip to Boulder City to shoot and are looking for any other creakers who want to join you, you can send Sal Cucco an email with the details.  Sal will then forward your email to the entire club.  Sal’s email is slverfx424@yahoo.com

 Stay Safe.

A letter from our Creakers Club President.  10 July 2020.

Hello Fellow Creakers:

On July 10th, the Board held a meeting. The Board decided on the following.

  1. The Creakers will hold four shooting events. They are:
  • August 26th, a shotgun shoot at Boulder City Range
  • September 14th, a pistol fun shoot at Boulder City Range
  • September 23rd, a .22 caliber rifle shoot at Boulder City Range
  • September 25th, a long range rifle shoot at Boulder City Range

The pistol fun shoot will begin at 8:00 am and will go to 12. No scoring. Just having fun shooting at plates and such. Depending on how many people sign up will determine how many ranges we get and targets to be set up.

The shotgun and rifle events will be just like the ones run prior.  

If you plan on attending the Shotgun, Handgun or the .22 Rifle events please send Skip an email indicating which events you want to attend. Skips email is; sandn.lvconnect@cox.net   Skip will then make up a roster for each event. Skip then will provide you information on how that event will be run. I do not want to provide you that information in this email because of the length. 

If you are planning to attend the Long Range Rifle event on September 25th, please hold up responding, Jim Daigle will be sending out a separate email about the details. When you get that email please make sure you respond to Jim Daigle and NOT Skip.

It should be noted that facemasks will be required. Social distancing is also required. More on this when the rosters are made and information passed out.

Our next board meeting is August 20th. Please respond to Skip prior to this date so the board can plan accordingly. 

  1. Many of you own Ruger 10-22 rifles. These rifles have some secrets on how to be shot better. There was a suggestion made that a class be presented to how to do so. Interested? Please respond to Skip at the above email for a roster. Depending on interest, we could hold the class at Boulder City with live fire, or held until next year for a class during one of our club meetings.  Let Skip know if you want a class at Boulder City or would wait for next year.
  2. We are accepting applications for entry into the club. Cost is $20.00.  Please contact Sal for an application.
  3. As mentioned, the next Board meeting is scheduled for August 20th. If you have any suggestions for discussion please let me know.
  4. The December luncheon. The Board has until Nov 1st to cancel the event with no fiscal penalty for doing so. I will let you know around the middle of October what the plans will be. With daily changing Covid plans, we will see. 

The Board will do the best we can do with the ever changing rules given us. We look forward to seeing you all.

Stay Safe.

Gary Hromada, President Creakers

The following is provided for your interest regarding the Boulder Rifle & Pistol Club.  Please Note that new member applications are scheduled to be made available on November 1st.  Please put this date on your calendar for action on that date if you want to apply for NEW membership.  The number of new members is generally very restricted, so make sure you apply early on that date.  

P. O. BOX 60534
June 16, 2020

TO:                         Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club Membership
FROM:                  BRPC Executive Board
We are back open from the closures caused by the Covid 19 Virus.   All our members were notified by email or postal mailings of this reopening, which requires us to comply with the Governor’s mandates for social distancing and only allowing groups of specified sizes. We will attempt to keep hand sanitizer available (if we can keep getting it) but we do not supply masks, gloves or sanitize our facilities and equipment.  If you think you need further protections, we encourage you to bring these things with you for your use.
These notifications have brought to light several issues with our contact information for our members.  Many of your emails had changed, were spelled wrong in our database, had been redirected to spam folders or members had unsubscribed to receive them.  We have gone through these lists of issues and corrected as many as we can find.  However, we still require some form of contact with all or our members.  If you have changed your email address, please let us know by sending an email to brpclub@brpc1.org or dropping us a note in the mail to BRPC, P. O. Box 60534, Boulder City, NV 89006.  Some of you do not have emails and we use postal mailings to notify these members, so you need to keep your mailing address updated with us.  Our insurance requirements, for our members “shooting unsupervised”, require that our members have attended a range/safety orientation and are updated regularly of any changes.  If we cannot reach you by email, we must notify you by postal mail, but emails are a lot cheaper.
We are in the process of redoing our website.  Please have patience while we get the problems with our existing website corrected.  We know that the calendar and upcoming events sections of our website do not list all the activities that are scheduled or available at our range, but if you go  to the bottom of the calendar page you’ll see a blue highlighted link to print the 2020 Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club Calendar in .pdf format. This is the correct source for all our scheduled activities.  Please note that the social distancing guidelines are causing us to temporarily suspend our Juniors program until after the summer months, hopefully when these requirements will have relaxed even further.
We have recoated the roads going into the range and should last for several more years.  Improvements are also continuing on completing our fourth trap and skeet range.  We have had certain pits on our courtesy range re-graded to prevent flooding, and consequent closure after rainstorms, and have improved the total drainage on the range.
Please note that any time we have lightning in the area of the range, the following morning may see problems with the electric gates. We will attempt to get someone out there to reset the gates as soon as possible, so please notify us by phoning 888-564-0008 if you encounter this type of problem.  
We are currently working on building and equipping an enclosed shop for use by the different disciplines to use in building and maintaining any targets and other materials required for their particular disciplines, as well as general maintenance of the range facilities and equipment.  We are also planning on re-doing some of the foam sound-deadening material on the silhouette range cover, which will require closing this range while construction is ongoing. We will attempt to notify everyone when this project is expected to start, but you should know that these types of maintenance items are subject to the contractors scheduling.  Please be patient with these types of temporary closures as we attempt to make the facilities better for all our members.
Our new membership opening will be on the 1st of November.  Please use our website (www.brpc1.org) for any news on this subject.  

All nonmembers should be advised that they are still welcome to use our Courtesy Range on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from 0800 to 1600 for a cost of $10 for two hours of shooting.   Nonmembers are also invited to participate in any of our scheduled Monthly Events listed on the top of the printed 2020 Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club Calendar.  They may be asked to contribute a small donation to help with operations of these particular disciplines.
You are reminded that your Electronic Gate Access Card (white plastic card with a BRPC logo) is a permanent membership card and is renewed each year by paying the $75 renewal fee, which is due by Jan 1 of the upcoming year.   If you have not paid your renewal fee by Dec 31st, your card will not work the next day on Jan 1st.  We do not send new cards out and we do not issue gate combinations to members.  Members are now required to maintain their membership each year to stay on our membership rolls.  You have until the end of the current year to renew.   If we do not receive a renewal by the end of the current year, we will assume that your membership is cancelled and remove you from our database. Once removed, the only way to rejoin the club is to reapply under the new membership opening and attend another range/safety orientation.
We will be closing our offices for the summer and will not be accepting renewals during that period   Emails and phone calls will still be answered to correct any problems.  We are going to attempt to get these types of newsletters out to you on a quarterly basis, so look for the next one, sometime in September.  We consider each and every member of our club to be a part owner of our range and as such we hope you are encouraged with the improvements and maintenance of your range.  Please keep in mind that with 2500 members we will still have some complaints on operations or maintenance, but we endeavor to address and correct all of these that we can.
Thanks for being an owner of Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club.  Please try to keep the range maintained, or even a little better, for those who will use it after you.  Have a great summer.  Stay safe. 
Bill Grant – Secretary / Treasurer



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