About Us

The purpose of the  CREAKERS Club is to bring adult individuals together in the spirit of open and positive fellowship, for the advancement of their knowledge , safety, understanding and use of firearms.  This includes providing a well structured environment for the safe use of firearms in group situations such as competitions and meets.
The primary club activities consist of monthly membership meetings and monthly firearms shooting events.  In keeping with the club purpose, these activities are focused on providing the opportunity for the members to interact socially while increasing their knowledge and expertise in the handling and safe use of firearms.  The club meetings generally consist of presentations given by knowledgeable individuals on specific firearms related subjects.  The presentations are often tailored to complement the shooting event scheduled for later in the same month such that the members can transfer the knowledge gained in the meeting directly to the shooting range experience.
The CREAKERS Club was founded in 2009 by a small group of men who met on a regular basis to enjoy informal discussions of firearms related subjects.  The first several months of their newly formed club were spent in trying to understand how to structure the club organization and promote member interaction during a period of rapidly growing membership. 
The CREAKER Club Mission Statement was formalized in April of 2010 and the Club became affiliated with the NRA on April 26th of that year.  The NRA affiliation was closely followed by the procurement of NRA endorsed liability insurance which allowed the club to go forward with actual shooting events.  The initial Club By-Laws were established in May of 2010 and were rewritten and approved in January of 2012 to reflect the evolvement of the club organization over the previous 18 months.

As the Club membership rapidly increased between 2012 and 2014 to over 150 members, it was decided that the club should become incorporated for liability and tax purposes.  The CREAKERS Club became a certified Nevada corporation known as CREAKERS, Inc. on July 29th, 2014 and has received IRS tax exemption under the 501(c)(7) nonprofit social/recreational designation.
The Club organization is currently headed up by a seven person Board of Directors (BoD) consisting of the Club President, Gary Hromada, Vice-President, Skip Wharton, Treasurer, Jim Daigle, Secretary, Sal Cucco, and three Members-At-Large, Danny Cordero, Jim Cruse and Dave Sears.  Additionally, there are two active Club Groups, the Events Group and the Emergency Medical Group that carry the primary responsibilities for defining, producing and conducting the various club activities.  Our club Vice-President, Skip Wharton, heads up the Events Group and CREAKER member, Dr. Steven Kiel, heads up our Emergency Medical Team.