Laurie Kirkpatrick Doran


As an informed artist, skilled in studio performance, knowledgeable in art history, criticism and aesthetics, the teacher functions as mediator between the world of the learner and the world of art. The instructor should provide students with a foundation which offers the vocabulary and technical skill necessary for further study. With a strong foundation, rich with experiences and insights, of both a technical and intellectual nature, students have the tools necessary to shape a personal artistic vision. Instructors must encourage students to develop thinking, questioning and production skills simultaneously.

The ability to solve problems is at the heart of artistic education. One problem students face is how to build on the foundation. It becomes the instructor's role to engage students at respective levels of development and individual need. Instructors need to provide students with the challenges that push them to the next level, encouraging them to add content and meaning, to experiment and to uncover their artistic voice. Because the artist is is always evolving, instructors must always remind students of the importance of understanding their own process. This understanding will enable students to maintain self motivation and conviction as an artist.

The task of teaching developing artists is to teach people how to continue to learn. The instructor provides the tools necessary for student-centered learning.  Artists are thinkers as well as makers and need to be literate and knowledgeable of their cultural background. In this multimedia technological society that relies heavily on visual stimulus, artists are in the unique position to lead us into the future.  We must train our students to be polymorphously proficient to function in this rapidly changing world. The goal is not training them for today but so they may be effective in the 21st century.

   Artist • Teacher 
CREATIVITY, INNOVATION, IMAGINATION.  Strong elements of Art Education … strong elements of my character, honed through education and experience. 

Artist, Educator, each inform the other. Whether It is fine arts painting, mural commissions, digital Photography, design or inspiring a classroom of learners critical thinking, problem solving and communication are in the forefront.

selected images from my MFA thesis
   Selected Photography, 2011-12