Pre Greeks



Documentary, first part (BBC)

General Talk (Prof. Robin Wilson, Gresham College)


1) High Resolution Images: Rhind Papyrus (~1650 BC), with the famous 2/n table, and Moscow Papyrus (~1850 BC), with hieratic text

2) Egyptian Multiplication explained by Prof. M. Schneider

3) Building the great pyramid (~2560 BC), theory proposed by Jean-Pierre Houdin

4) High Resolution Image: Eye of Horus, Louvre


5) High Resolution Image: YBC7289 (famous tablet related to square root of 2, ~1700 BC)

6) Babylonian Mathematics by Prof. David Neiman

7) Documentary, Hanging Gardens (6th century BC), BBC

8) High Resolution Image: Plimpton 322 (~1800 BC), Pythagorean triples (from Cuneiform Digital Library)

9) Documentary, Plimpton 322 (several institutions)