• Catchment-lake interactions

    Coupled biogeochemical cycles, lake geochemical dynamics,
    anthropogenic impacts on water quality.
  • Aqueous geochemistry of metal(loid)s
    Oxyanion speciation (As, Se, P, S), reactive-transport modelling,
    Synchrotron-based spectroscopy.
  • Modelling of sediment diagenesis Sediment-water interactions,
    Diagnostic of pore-water and sediment concentration profiles using models.


    2017-now Section Leader, Norwegian Institute for Water Research-NIVA, Norway.
    Research Associate Professor, Ecohydrology, University of Waterloo, Canada. 

    2016-2017 Senior Researcher, Norwegian Institute for Water Research-NIVA, Norway.

    • Acquisition of new research projects - Research interests from 2010-2016 are further developed 

    2013-2015 Researcher, Norwegian Institute for Water Research-NIVA, Norway.

    • Applied water quality challenges (Lake management, Mining, Hydropower, Agriculture)
    • Scientific computing, environmental model development
    • Modelling the effect of multiple-stress on ecosystems (climate, land-use, algal blooms, atmospheric deposition)
    • Contaminant dynamics under redox-oscillating conditions

    2011-2017 Research Assistant Professor, Ecohydrology, University of Waterloo, Canada. 

    • Supervision of graduate and undergraduate students 
    • Catchment, lake and reservoir biogeochemical dynamics
    • Contribution to the realization of the CERC laboratory facilities
    • Teaching at the graduate level
    • Research interests from 2005-2011 are further developed
    2010-2011 Postdoctoral Fellow, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA (Prof. Philippe Van Cappellen).
    • Reactive-transport modelling of sulfidic environments
    • Laboratory experiments on natural microbial populations using flow-through reactors
    • Arsenic and Selenium fate and transport in aquatic environments
    • Soft X-ray XANES techniques

    2010 Marie-Curie Early Stage Researcher, CNRS (CEREGE), France (Dr. Jérôme Rose).

    • X-ray based study of Arsenic and Iron speciation in soils (XRD, micro-XRF, XANES, EXAFS)
    • Effect of root-induced pH changes on Fe mineralogy in soils
    • Reactive-transport modelling of contaminant mobility in flooded soils

    2005-2010 PhD student, University of Quebec (INRS-ETE), Canada (Prof. Charles Gobeil).

    • Diagenetic modelling
    • Arsenic, Iron and Sulfur measurements and dynamics in lake sediments
    • Sediment and pore water sampling and analysis
    • Geochemistry and geochronology (137Cs and 210Pb) of lake sediments 
    • PAHs (EPA-13) extractions and measurements by GC-MS

    Thesis (co)supervised

    • Igor Markelov (Ph.D.) University of Waterloo, 2015-present
    • Ekaterina Dementieva (Ph.D.) University of Waterloo & University of Grenoble, 2012-2016
    • Rachele Fischer (B.Sc.) University of Waterloo, 2013
    • Melisa Hollingham (M.Sc.) University of Waterloo, 2011-2013
    • Xu Zhang (M.Sc.) University of Waterloo, 2011-2013
    • Igor Markelov (M.Eng.) Norwegian Institute for Water Research, 2013-2015
    • Radmila Kovak (B.Sc.) University of Waterloo, 2012
    • Jonathan Evans (B.Eng.) Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011
    • Marine Benedetto (DUT Chemistry) CNRS UMR 6635 CEREGE, 2009 

    Advisory committee

    • Delphine Tisserand (Ph.D.) University of Grenoble (L Charlet, D Cossa) 2014-
    • Severin Stovanovik (Ph.D.) University of Waterloo (P Van Cappellen) 2013-
    • Tarik Aziz (Ph.D.) University of Waterloo (P Van Cappellen) 2013-
    • Peng Lui (Ph.D.) University of Waterloo (C Ptacek, D Blowes) 2011-
    • Kai Lui (M.Sc.) University of Waterloo (L Wu) 2012-2014