First-hand knowledge in English

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In view of the success of the Dutch publication we are proud to announce the international publication of the original title "Watten in mijn Hoofd". With a number of sponsors contributing, the ‘Cotton Wool in my Head Foundation’ is able to support this edition and it will share in the revenues. You can buy it directly through the CreateSpace online publishing platform by clicking on the image of the book.

It is also available through your local Amazon website, both in print and eBook form to save on shipping cost, and can be ordered through your local bookstore. Your contribution to our foundation is highest when you order directly through the link in the picture.


First-hand knowledge in Dutch

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The columns which were written by Jacques Boersma in Dagblad van het Noorden have been collected, revised, supplemented and interlaced with poems by Berthe Zwama and paintings by Joke Dijk-Boersma. The book was very well-received at the many meetings Jacques Boersma attended throughout the country, giving lectures, taking part in discussions and giving interviews. It is an amazing book. The Alzheimer Nederland Foundation has supported the realization of this publication. By ordering this original Dutch language book online, via our website, a small percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the ‘Cotton Wool in my Head Foundation’. To make a purchase, click on the illustration of the cover.