The Foundation

The ‘Cotton Wool in my Head’ Foundation (in Dutch: Watten in mijn Hoofd) was established in November 2014. The immediate reason for this was to raise funding for the production of an English translation of the booklet “Watten in mijn hoofd” by Jacques Boersma. In previous years, Jacques’ columns in the local newspaper, in which he shared his personal experiences with Alzheimer’s with his readers, had proven to be very popular. The lectures, the meetings at the Alzheimer’s cafés, the literary discussions, every single time Jacques’ contribution was met with great enthusiasm and appreciation. A good friend of Jacques’ who had already started on a translation, was unable to complete her work on this. Establishing the foundation gave us the finances to finalize and publish an English edition.  

Of course, this is only the first of the foundation’s activities. Our goal is to generate more attention for the actual impact that dementia, and all cognitive limitations it entails, can have on a person’s functioning. More attention among the general public, but also among scientists who are researching these diseases and their possible treatments. In order to achieve this we aim to collect, systemize and communicate personal experiences and knowledge of true experience experts: those who are affected by these afflictions themselves and who are willing to share with us and other people the effects of the disease on their lives. They are the ones who can tell us the real story behind the effects of this disease and its diagnosis, from their own perspective. 

The foundation also seeks to establish contact with research groups working in the field of dementia, to bring to their attention these personal experiences and the consequences they have. Research into a cure of the diseases concerned is promoted by other parties. What we’re concentrating on is research into the effects of the disease on the patients’ personal lives and hopefully learn some lessons from it: with respect to social interaction, to the application of certain treatments or to the development of alternative forms of care and support. Our main objective is to finds ways to offer a better life in the broadest sense of the word, to people who have Alzheimer’s and to their loved ones. 

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