Apply for Funding


Submit your application by email to include the following information:

Note:  Proposals must be submitted by March 1 or October 1.

Approval will take place in April and November.

1. School or organization name

 2.Address:________________________, .
     City   ____________________            Postal Code  __________

 3.Contact Person:________________________, .   

4.Fax or email address:________________________

 5.Brief description of project:

 6.  Type of Request: Operating Expenses? ____   Special Project ____                                            
Name of Project _______________

 7.  Total Operating Budget  $______________Project Budget $_______if applicable

 8.  Amount Requested $___________


 Complete a Narrative(NOT TO EXCEED 4 PAGES) addressing the following:

 1.Does this request support NCC Corporation priorities?  Explain

 2.How many youth will benefit from our financial assistance?  ______

 3.What is the geographical area that will benefit from requested funding?

 4.Is this a one time request or will you be requesting additional funding/support?

 5.When are the funds required?  Date:________________

 6.How much money has your group raised to support this venture and how much money does your group intend to raise?  Explain.

 7.Are you receiving financial support from any other group?

 8.Is a business plan attached with your proposal?  Y___ N___

 9.How did you hear about NCC Corporation?


Please send us your Funding Report when your event or fiscal year is completed to provide us with valuable feedback regarding how our funding was used.
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