Accessing the facility

Register your account

In order to access the booking form and equipment calendar you will firstly have to register your details with the PPMS booking system

This can be accessed at

You will be required to create a project after your registration has been accepted. You will then be able to request training, book the analysers or order services (cell sorts, submit samples to run on the CyTOF etc).

Analysis equipment

Firstly, contact the Facility Manager Dr Gareth Howell either by email ( or drop into his office in the CTF Building for a discussion about your project and what you hope to gain from using flow cytometry technology.

You will then need to sign up to the New User Introduction Workshop (run every other week from 10.30-12pm - details and sign up can be found on the Workshops and Training page)

Training is then arranged one-to-one on the most appropriate system and is best performed with the researcher's samples as this will provide the most contextual training experience.

Once the above stages have been completed the user will be given access to the online booking system for the instrument(s) they were trained on and can access these systems whenever the require.

Sorting equipment

Cell sorting is undertaken by trained facility staff (Dr Gareth Howell (CTF building) and Mr David Chapman (Michael Smith building).

Sorting appointments are arranged at a mutually convenient time following discussion with the sort operator.

Researchers will then be required to submit a 'service request' through the PPMS system which will then be accepted by the operator.

Following the sorting experiment the operator will edit the sort order and submit this to finance.

Details regarding sample preparation etc can be found on the cell sorting page