Thanks to everyone who participated in the leadership team renewal process! We've selected some pretty awesome folks to join the core team, and are grateful to all who applied. Please welcome
Michelle Arnold
Nate Gerber
Jason Marin
Dagmar Morgan
And we hope to keep involving more folks during the year, from our stellar pool of applicants, the broad CTS network, and beyond. Stay tuned for information about where CTS is headed in the next year... 

Over the last year since our first coffee-brainstorm-session, this website has been a "holding place" for a movement in rapid development. We've come a long way and you can check out where we've been and get a sense of some events by snooping around... but keep an eye out for our new online presence in the months ahead. 

Last updated: April 2013
Are you passionate about nonprofit policy?
Do you have ideas about where Ontario's nonprofit sector should be headed? 
Interested in leading the charge?
Then read on. 

Connect the Sector (CTS) is looking for a few excellent folks to join our leadership team for the 2013-2014 year.
What's CTS? 
CTS is a way for younger nonprofit professionals to connect and influence the future of the nonprofit sector. The NFP sector is an increasingly important aspect of our economic and social systems. What do we want it to look like in 20-30 years? How will we get there? Building this conversation in the past year, CTS has grown from 2 people to over 200 people engaged through experimental events and projects, including a "Sixties from the Sixties" interview project, a Writer's Circle, a pitch event for solutions and strategies led by nonprofit leaders, and a salon series of conversations on key issues affecting the nonprofit sector, from evaluation to advocacy to the sector's value proposition. We've got momentum and we're ready to kick it to the next level. 

What's the opportunity? 
Joining the leadership team is a chance for those interested in actively shaping a movement to meet other young leaders in the sector, understand policy work shaping the nonprofit context, connect with leaders across generations to challenge, converse, and advance your own ideas for driving the nonprofit sector in the coming years. The leadership team is an active core of do-ers who drive the strategic direction of CTS, implement key initiatives, and liaise with the Ontario Nonprofit Network on policy and leadership issues. In the next year, CTS is set to focus on growing connections between younger leaders across the province and developing an intergenerational conversation in 1-2 key policy areas affecting Ontario's nonprofit sector. 

The leadership team meets monthly, with additional time required to lead and support specific initiatives and projects that you care about. 

Interested? Here's how to apply:
Please send us a short paragraph by April 12th 11:59 pm, explaining:

-Who you are and why you are interested in nonprofit policy
-Your experience in the nonprofit sector (whether volunteer, employment or entrepreneurial)
-What policy issues excite you?
-Why you think you're an awesome fit with this opportunity

Interviews will be held April 17th, 6 - 9 pm 

Whether you're an old friend of CTS or a fresh face, we'll be pleased to hear from you. 
With thanks to all those who apply, only individuals accepted for an interview will be contacted (by Sunday April 14th).   

Energetically yours, 

The CTS Team

Last updated: March 2013

You've found the collective notebook of Connect the Sector. This group exists to connect and build opportunities for younger professionals to influence the future of the non-profit and social sector.

There are four main ways we are aiming to achieve this:

Connect - To connect individuals around ideas and issues in order to spread and develop strategic solutions for the nonprofit and social sector

Share - Share, articulate and promote existing knowledge and resources to encourage practical, evidence-based approaches to strengthen the capacity of the sector

Reframe, Respond, Discuss - Change the way conversations happen, decisions are made and voices are heard, by creating an accessible and diverse forum for younger professionals to engage in discussion and respond to strategic sectoral issues

Act collectively - Create a peer network of insightful, motivated individuals to support each other in action

"Connect the Sector" refers to an opportunity we see to connect our "young-er-ish" peers in Toronto's non-profit/social sector, to engage in honest dialogue on issues shaping our sector (funding reform, intergenerational learning, barriers to political advocacy, employee retention, and many others). We started doing the background work for this project in December 2011, following Imagine Canada's National Summit on the Charitable & Non-Profit Sector in November and the Ontario Nonprofit Network's "Unconference" in April.  

This is a work in progress - one way to help shape it is to complete our survey. The site is established primarily because we want to make sure that as our community gets bigger, we stay true to the honest conversations that got us started. So we're doing our best to document progress and knowledge online as it develops. 

We are also hoping that if you find this, and feel a bit of a warm glow, you will be able to reach out, say "hey" and if you like, find a way to join the party - the button down, turn up the music and grab a paintbrush kind of party that makes you wonder why you've ever committed to un-fun work of any kind. 

Enjoy the notebook and feel free to add scribbles as you read (or send us private feedback if you're shy) - that's what will keep this project honest and alive. Feel free to forward questions, thoughts, or ideas to us at connectthesector@gmail.com.


Joanne, Heather L, Howard, Shannon, Michelle, Nabeel, Heather S, Robyn & the growing gang.

Last Updated: September 2012
Originally Posted May 2012