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Hub towns

Every ConnectedCity has a hub town through which all its inter-town routes pass. It fulfils a key role in relation to the city's Connected Towns and rural hinterland.

Vision from 2050

Growth of hub towns over the past 40 years has been striking, To make it easily accessible by public transport it is always contained within their town growth zones, tentacle development and new green quarters.

Where the station is not in the historic centre, hub towns have a mall or avenue with a PRT system linking the old centre to the station. Often the town growth zone around the station is more prosperous and attracts more visitors than the historic centre.

Of course many older areas of hub towns are outside the pedsheds. These areas often still rely on buses for their local transport, but a significant number have benefited from the introduction of PRT.

Hub towns and new green quarters

Where there was room for only one new green quarter between the hub town and a sister town, it’s generally been added to the hub town, where the residents enjoy a wider range of facilities.

A typical hub town with its Town Growth Zone and two new stations serving the outer areas around which are New Green Quarters.

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