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SE England

SouthEast England

SE England has potentially nearly 50 Large and 50 Small ConnectedCities accommodating at least
  • 10 Million people
  • 50,000 hectares of commercial land
  • 30,000 hectares of greenspace within the Pedsheds
The capacity is equivalent to all the conurbations in SE England outside London combined - but uses less than 3% of the SE's undeveloped land.


Preliminary studies indicate that using existing railways
  • 25 to 30 Million people can be housed in ConnectedCities across the UK 
all within walking distance of public transport and mostly a stroll away from countryside

If the pedshed system is applied to the the large metropolises the figure rises to 35+ million

If old rail lines are re-opened the capacity rises to 45+ million

The location of the potential 100 ConnectedCities in SE England 
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Table of Large and Small ConnectedCities