Gaston Confederate Heritage Youth Day
                                                                                                   April 19 2014
                                                                                            This is a free event    
                                           It will take place rain or shine                
                                                    Gates open at 8:00 Am

                                                  Lewis Farm 330 Lewis Rd. Gastonia, NC 28054


                             Nathan Bedford Forrest

Born: 13-Jul-1821
Birthplace: Chapel Hill, TN
Died: 29-Oct-1877
Location of death: Memphis, TN
Cause of death: Diabetes complications
Remains: Buried, Forrest Park, Memphis, TN :
                    Forrest returned to Tennessee and enlisted as a private in the Confederate States Army along with his youngest brother, Jeffrey, and his son, William (age 15), after the state had voted to secede in response to a request by Washington for troops to help put down the rebellion in South Carolina. On July 14, 1861, he joined Captain Josiah S. White's Tennessee Mounted Rifles, which became part of the Sixth Tennessee Battalion after September 7. Soon, his fellow citizens, the state governor, Isham Harris, and respected General Leonidas Polk, surprised that someone of Forrest's wealth and prominence had enlisted as a soldier of the lowest rank, saw to it that he was commissioned as a colonel. In October of 1861 he was given command of his own regiment, "Forrest's Tennessee Cavalry Battalion." Men flocked to join up under Forrest, but few had the necessary weapons and other materials required for battle, nor the money to personally buy them with. Upon seeing how badly equipped the CSA was and witnessing its inability to provide for its distant western soldiers, Forrest made an offer to buy horses and equipment for a regiment of Tennessee volunteer soldiers with his own money.
Forrest had no prior formalized military training or experience. He applied himself diligently to learning and had an innate sense of successful tactics as well as strong leadership abilities. Forrest soon became an exemplary soldier helping to garner battlefield victories for his troops during the American Civil War. Forrest is said to have first learned of the importance of utilizing the art of surprise during a childhood excursion when his horse threw him in the midst of a pack of wild dogs. The dogs, alarmed at the large boy hurled upon them, cut and ran. Forrest was amazed by the fact that he was not ripped to shreds by the vicious beasts and took notice of the strange occurrence. In Tennessee, there was much public debate concerning the state's decision to join the Confederacy, and both the CSA and the Union armies were actively seeking Tennessean recruits. Forrest sought men eager for battle, promising them that they would have "ample opportunity to kill Yankees." He is also said to have had under his commanded some all-black Confederate units.

      This Year’s event will be larger and better with Artillery, and Infantry demonstrations conducted by War Between the States Reenactors. Flag presentations, Weapons of war, Historians,Theologians, and music is just a few of the presentations scheduled this year. Programs will average 10-15 minutes. Dinner will be served.  Kids Will get a Goody bags filled with an assortment of gifts that will be given out after closing ceremonies.
                                                      ALL OF THIS IS FREE

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