This page gives an overview of the important people who contributed directly and indirectly to the creation of this guide.


While these people didn't contribute to the guide directly, we would never have been able to create this guide without their excellent applications and programs.

Most programs include credits for a complete list of contributors.

Arikado, Lunatik et Al. - For the DOP-Mii program, which has long been part of the guide, and has served as base for some other apps.

comex - For the BannerBomb exploit and various other contributions.

crediar - For SNEEK, DIOS-MIOS, Preloader, Starfall, and much much more.

Cyan - For contributions to USB Loader GX and other projects.

Daco - For his contributions to Priiloader.

davebaol & xabby666 - For cIOS D2X, the best cIOS ever made.

Fig2k4 - For WiiBackupManager, and for linking to this site!

FIX94 - For contributions to WiiFlow, Nintendont and more.

Fullmetal5 - For FlashHax, str2hax, bluebomb and more.

giantpune - For the creation of Wilbrand and many useful tools and contributions to USB Loader GX.

Hermes - For his cIOSs and various other contributions.

Leathl - For his many awesome tools, including ThemeMii, ShowMiiWads, ....

Rodries - For his improvements to Hermes' cIOSs, MPlayer and more.


Team RVLution - For Reggie!, and various other contributions.

Team Twiizers - For the homebrew channel, BootMii, and much more!

The Configurable USB Loader Team (Dr.Clipper, gannon, oggzee, usptactical) - For Config USB Loader and help on the scene.

The Priiloader team - For Priiloader

The USB Loader GX Team - For USB Loader GX and help on the scene.

tueidj - For letterbomb, Devolution and many other contributions.

Waninkoko - For his cIOSs, WAD Managers and other tools.

WB3000 - For the NUS Downloader

Wii Theme Team - For their awsome themes and related tools.

WiiGator - For creation of a popular backup loader, as well as releasing his cMIOS for gamecube backups.

Wiimm - For Wiimm's ISO tools and various other contributions.

WiiPower - For NeoGamma, and too many contributions to name in general.

XFlak - For ModMii and his contributions to cIOS D2X.

And many more!

If your name is missing and want to be added or it is present but want to be removed, please use the contact form.

Guide Editors

These are the people who wrote the guide itself, or directly contributed one way or another.

All these people are members on with the usernames listed below. You can send them a PM over there if needed.

tj_cool -- Owner and maintainer of this site.

ChokeD -- Creator of the SNEEK+DI Guide

david432111 -- Creator of the guide to burn backups

Deviyl -- Creator of [Guide] Fully softmod any Wii

damysteryman -- Creator of the newest DARKCORP

FenrirWolf -- Creator of SaveMii and the Recovery Menu - A Guide

nabster92 -- Creator of the noob starter guide. It contains all info you need to know before softmodding your wii.

Old8oy -- Former compiler and support for USB loader GX

XFlak -- Creator of ModMii, an interactive easy to use softmodding guide/program that runs on Windows

xzxero -- Creator of the simplistic mod (which is still used by many people).

zektor -- Creator of the 4.2 safe updater