Coltyn Capps is a 13 Year Old 4 Time Cancer Survivor. He was nominated and accepted as a Student Ambassador for the People to People Program. He will travel to this summer to Italy, France, and Greece. This page is to help him realize his dreams and fund this chance of a lifetime.

Our moto for Coltyn is Coltyn CAN!! When he lost his dominant arm to cancer, he came back and played the pitcher's postion that next summer at the ball field. He played through when the cancer came back again up until the night before he had to go back to remove the part of his lung the cancer had spread to. Coltyn CAN! When the doctors at ST Jude thought it was time to stop treatment due to his poor prognosis, Coltyn proved sometimes you just have to believe in yourself and never give up. When 3 new spots showed up on his other lung during chemo treatments and he lost part of that lung too, he continued to defy the odds. Now as an eigth grader at Northview Middle School, he just completed his 3rd year on the school's cross country team and even medaled this past season. Coltyn Can! After effects from the chemo has now taken most of his hearing in his right ear, causing him to have his mastoid bone removed and has left him with a some kidney issues, he continues on. One of Coltyn's teachers nominated him to be a national Student Ambassador for People to People. He went through the application process and the dreaded interview. While others waited for a week to hear if they had made it through, his interviewer stopped and retrieved his mother. He was told on spot, with-out a doubt he had made a very good impression and there would be a spot for him on the team. Coltyn CAN. Coltyn will be holding various fundraisers to help him be able to go on this trip of a lifetime!! Since his Make A Wish trip was somewhat of a flop, he really deserves this chance. His little sister fractured her skull within a few hours of the plane landing and ended up in ICU, so we really always wanted him to have that trip he never had. The trip is called the European Odyssey. He will spend 3 weeks traveling across France, Italy, and Greece. The first endeavor to help him get to his goal is a concession trailer, he has so effectionately named NUBBIE'S CONCESSIONS. As anyone who has ever met Coltyn can tell you, his sense of humor is one of the things that sets him apart from others. As most others would be angry and mourn the loss of their arm to this horrible monster called cancer, he embrassed what was left of his arm. He named it Nubbie and has celebrated Nubbie's birthday each year on the anniversary of his amputation. In his own words, "If Nubbie had not came along, then I would not be here today. Nubbie saved my life!" If anyone has an event that may need a concession vendor, please call (731)335-3259. Even if you just know of an event or are attending one, message us and we can contact the event planners to inquire about vendors. Another fundraising event is "Cupcakes for Coltyn."  Watch our calendar for upcoming events. Please help us help Coltyn meet his goal for this trip. We know with everyones help COLTYN CAPPS CAN!!! Please like and share this page as well as his Coltyn Capps CAN FACEBOOK Page, so we can get the word out Thanks So Much!! Anyone wishing to make a donation for the Coltyn Capps CAN may do so at any Security Bank location or directly to the Coltyn Capps CAN through the direct donation link above. All proceeds will benefit Coltyn's student ambassador trip.





Spaghetti Dinner Benefit

And Bake Sale


Sunday June 2nd 2013

11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Trimble Community Center


takeouts available


Deliveries available for local factories for all shifts on Sunday. CALL 335-3266 to order or for more information.

Adults $ 7.00

Kids 6-12 $ 4.00

5 and under free

tickets available at door

Come after church and support this great cause!!!



ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO COLTYN CAPPS CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!