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2016 Colorado Classic Mule & Donkey Days

Volunteer Registration


I am interested in being a volunteer at the 2016 Colorado Classic Mule & Donkey Days!




City_________________________________________ Zip_______________

Phone________________________ Cell Phone________________________

 I will not be participating with an animal_____.

I will be participating with an animal on:    Friday:_______ Saturday ________ Sunday_______


                               I am most interested in helping with:

Administrative _____                    Ribbon Presenting       _____

Hospitality       _____                    Announcer’s Assistant _____

Arena crew       _____                   Equipment                    _____                

Event Set up     _____                   Event Clean Up          ______    

Stewards           _____

Administrative  _____                   Pre-entry assistance    ______

Day of event entries    ______

Arena Manager          _______      Gate Attendant            _______


                    Grounds Manager-

Assistant:______                                    Assistant 2 :______        


Speed/Gaming- Set Up______              Timer                          ______

Trail course set up_____                        Trail course helper    _______

Trail course clean up _____

Driving course set up_____                   Driving course helper _______


I am willing to be a floater and help wherever is necessary. __________.


Your assistance is so valuable and very much appreciated and will be key to the 2016 Colorado Classic Mule & Donkey Days functioning smoothly. Please enclose a completed 2016 Colorado Classic Mule & Donkey Days Liability Release form and return it with this form.  Please send form to:

 Stacy Reavis

19835 N. Elbert Road

Elbert, CO 80106





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