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The Rocky Mountain Longears Association was founded in 1970. Following a Fun Day for mules and donkeys, hosted by Larry and Ruth Jarret, an enthusiastic bunch decided to form a club, the "RMLEA", to promote and preserve the long eared equine. Today there are over 80 members doing everything with their longears from trail riding to show driving. Our members participate in trail rides, BBQ's, mule and donkey shows, fund raising rides and drives, playdays, and parades. The one thing we all have in common is that we love our mules and donkeys, as did the founding members of the RMLEA.

Pikes Peak Long Ears Association was founded in 1995 to fill the need of the growing number of mule and donkey owners. PPLEA is a group of people who love our long eared friends. Our goal is to promote mules and donkeys, educate the public and above all, share fun and camaraderie while we share our knowledge with each other!   Our members have both mules and donkeys, and are interested in all kinds of activities. We all agree that our main objective is to understand and have fun with our long eared friends and that we surely do!       

For more information, please go to Trails and Maps or contact the Division of Open Space and Natural Resources. You may also contact Colorado State Parks at 303.866.3203 ext. 337 for additional equestrian trails.

Save the Cowboy- A True Endangered Species

In our area, due to the popularity of horse riding, equestrian-related injuries are among the top five injuries most commonly treated Parker Adventist Hospital's emergency department. That is why we are committed to promoting public awareness of equestrian-related injuries, injury prevention, public safety and the importance of wearing an equestrian helmet. To date our equestrian safety program has distributed more than 800 helmets.


Mules and More Magazine has been published monthly for mule and donkey enthusiasts since 1980. We circulate in all 50 states, as well as Canada and Europe. Our pages cover everything from training articles to show results and features trail reviews from across the country. Every equine enthusiast can find useful articles and interesting columns in this magazine.

Inside our monthly magazine you can read all about Mules and Mule lovers. Learn the things people do with their mules and just about anything to do with mules. Things such as Trail Riding, Packing, Hunting, Showing, Training, Raising, Breeding, and much more.

 The North American Saddle Mule Association’s objectives are to preserve the records of the exhibition and pleasure use of the Saddle Mule in all equestrian disciplines in which it is used, while maintaining the integrity of the Saddle Mule. Further, it encourages Saddle Mule ownership and participation. NASMA actively protects the Saddle Mule by establishing and strictly enforcing rules which govern every NASMA approved event in order to reflect the natural ability of the animal.

A primary objective of the American Mule Association was, and still is, to dispel the mules' reputation as the brunt of  jokes and to advertise mules as the useful and talented animals that they truly are.

Every year during the Memorial Day Weekend, more than 700 mules compete in 181 events at the Bishop Mule Days Celebration. There is no way to actually describe Mule Days. It is part mule show, part test of skills, and part Wild West show. 

Montana Mule Days is an annual event that is great for all ages. Everyone in the family can participate; we have over 100 classes that include log pulling, driving classes, western pleasure, trail classes, team penning, costume class, plus many more -- for both kids and adults.   Montana Mule Days is also a great place to take the family just for the weekend to sit in the stands, visit with mule and donkey owners, and wander through the vendors to see what’s available.

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