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posted 18 Nov 2010, 05:00 by Allen Smalls



On Friday 12 November a small working party of both Clubs met for the first time at The Arena Club, Colchester. The meeting was chaired by Eric Shirley who has worked in athletics for many years and is a professional administrator.

Eric opened the meeting by identifying those present,   outlining our objectives and explaining in detail problems we may encounter during our deliberations.

It was decided to meet at regular intervals and each meeting discussing and agreeing specific issues. It is also important for the whole membership to be kept informed and bring to the meetings their concerns.

Deliberations will take several months after which a meeting of the whole membership will be called and informed in detail how the new Club will proceed. There will be no vote.

At our first meeting, possibly to many, the first two most important issues were discussed at length.

·         Name of the new Club.

·         Colours.

It quickly appeared to the working party that the best way forward was to start with a clean sheet and various suggestions were put forward. After a short debate it was decided by a unanimous decision to call the new Club “Colchester and District Athletic Club” and the Club vests to show the name “Colchester A.C.” It was decided to drop both logos for the purpose of administration and kit.

Colours caused a different problem and after a lengthy discussion it was decided to choose a new colour. The meeting decided to put forward three choices.

·         Light blue, as use by our composite team

·         Orange

·         Light purple

It was agreed that we wanted a vibrant colour, distinctive and easily recognisable. It was felt necessary to get away from both green and black. Shorts will be black. It was also noted that in the event of a merger members will be able to compete in our present colours for a period of one year. This will help greatly with finance and assist in obtaining a good quality kit at a reasonable price.

Our next meeting will take place at The Arena Club on Friday 3 December 2010, commencing at 7 30pm. Items to be discussed will be Coaching, Training and Competitions.

REMEMBER it is important that if any member or parent has any concerns, please contact Lance Williams or Dave Smith.


Lance Williams. Email. lance270@live.com    telephone 01206271713