Accepted Posters

Sound and Static Analysis of Session Fixation Vulnerabilities in PHP web Applications
Abdelouahab Amira; Abdelraouf Ouadjaout; Abdelouahid Derhab; Nadjib Badache

A new Bloom filter structure for searchable encryption schemes
Chi Sing Chum; Xiaowen Zhang

Seamless and Secure Bluetooth LE Connection Migration
Syed Rafiul Hussain; Shagufta Mehnaz; Shahriar Nirjon; Elisa Bertino

Differentially-Private Big Data Analytics for High-Speed Research Network Traffic Measurement
Oana-Georgiana Niculaescu; Mihai Maruseac; Gabriel Ghinita

Comprehensive method for detecting phishing emails using correlation based analysis and user participation
Rakesh Verma; Ayman El Assal

MR-Droid: A Scalable and Prioritized Analysis of Inter-App Communication Risks
Fang Liu; Haipeng Cai; Gang Wang; Danfeng Yao; Karim Elish; Barbara Ryder

The Authorization Policy Existence Problem
Pierre Bergé; Jason Crampton; Gregory Gutin; Rémi Watrigant

Towards Practical Privacy-Preserving Life Cycle Assessment Computations
Cetin Sahin;Brandon Kuczenski;  Omer Egecioglu; Amr El Abbadi