Accepted Conference Papers

Full Papers

Alexandra Dmitrienko; Christian Plappert
Secure Free-Floating Car Sharing for Offline Cars

Jason Crampton; Conrad Williams
Canonical Completeness in Lattice-Based Languages for Attribute-Based Access Control

Shagufta Mehnaz; Elisa Bertino
Ghostbuster: A Fine-grained Approach for Anomaly Detection in File System Accesses

Zhe Zhou; Zhou Li; Kehuan Zhang
All Your VMs are Disconnected: Attacking Hardware Virtualized Network

Bo Li; Kevin Roundy; Chris Gates; Yevgeniy Vorobeychik
Large-Scale Identification of Malicious Singleton Files

Jan Henrik Ziegeldorf; Jan Metzke; Jan Rüth; Martin Henze; Klaus Wehrle
Privacy-Preserving HMM Forward Computation

Daniele Ucci; Leonardo Aniello; Roberto Baldoni
Share a pie? Privacy-Preserving Knowledge Base Export through Count-min Sketches

Margaux Canet; Amrit Kumar; Cédric Lauradoux; Mary-Andréa Rakotomanga; Reihaneh Safavi-Naini
Decompression Quines and Anti-Viruses

Luka Malisa; Kari Kostiainen; Srdjan Capkun
Detecting Mobile Application Spoofing Attacks by Leveraging User Visual Similarity Perception

Mehadi Hassen; Philip K. Chan
Scalable Function-Call Graph based Malware Classification

Guillermo Suarez-Tangil; Santanu Kumar Dash; Mansour Ahmadi; Johannes Kinder; Giorgio Giacinto; Lorenzo Cavallaro
DroidSieve: Fast and Accurate Classification of Obfuscated Android Malware

Babak Yadegari; Jon Stephens; Saumya Debray
Analysis of Exception-Based Control Transfers

Zhiyuan Lin; Mahesh Tripunitara
Graph Automorphism-Based, Semantics-Preserving Security for the Resource Description Framework (RDF)

Tahmina Ahmed; Ravi Sandhu; Jaehong Park
Classifying and Comparing Attribute-Based and Relationship-Based Access Control

Vincent Bindschaedler; Shantanu Rane; Alejandro Brito; Vanishree Rao; Ersin Uzun
Achieving Differential Privacy in Secure Multiparty Data Aggregation Protocols on Star Networks

Yufei Gu; Qingchuan Zhao; Yinqian Zhang; Zhiqiang Lin
Transparent Backward-Edge Control Flow Violation Detection Using Intel Processor Trace

Shameek Bhattacharjee; Aditya Thakur; Simone Silvestri; Sajal K. Das
Statistical Security Incident Forensics against Data Falsification in Smart Grid Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Panagiotis Ilia; Barbara Carminati; Elena Ferrari; Paraskevi Fragopoulou; Sotiris Ioannidis
SAMPAC: Socially-Aware collaborative Multi-Party Access Control

Sebastian Banescu; Mohsen Ahmadvand; Alexander Pretschner; Robert Shield; Chris Hamilton
Detecting Patching of Executables without System Calls

Hamza Harkous; Karl Aberer
"If You Can't Beat them, Join them": A Usability Approach to Interdependent Privacy in Cloud Apps

Rui Shu; Xiaohui Gu; William Enck
A Study of Security Vulnerabilities on Docker Hub

Short Papers

Hugo Gascon; Bernd Grobauer; Thomas Schreck; Lukas Rist; Daniel Arp; Konrad Rieck
Mining Attributed Graphs for Threat Intelligence

Mohamed Elsabagh; Daniel Barbara; Dan Fleck; Angelos Stavrou
Detecting ROP with Statistical Learning of Program Characteristics

Luca Compagna; Daniel Ricardo Dos Santos; Serena Elisa Ponta; Silvio Ranise
Aegis: Automatic Enforcement of Security Policies in Workflow-driven Web Applications

Yifei Zhang; Tian Tan; Yue Li; Jingling Xue
Ripple: Reflection Analysis for Android Apps in Incomplete Information Environments

Alexander Sjösten; Steven Van Acker; Andrei Sabelfeld
Discovering Browser Extensions via Web Accessible Resources

Andrew Reed; Michael Kranch
Identifying HTTPS-Protected Netflix Videos in Real-Time

Samuel Weiser; Mario Werner
SGXIO: Generic Trusted I/O Path for Intel SGX

Niall McLaughlin; Jesus Martinez Del Rincon; Boojoong Kang; Suleiman Yerima; Paul Miller; Sakir Sezer; Yeganeh Safaeisemnani; Erik Trickel; Ziming Zhao; Adam Doupé; Gail Joon Ahn
Deep Android Malware Detection

Fabian Foerg; Susanne Wetzel; Ulrike Meyer
Efficient Commodity Matching for Privacy-Preserving Two-Party Bartering

Julian Vetter; Jan Nordholz; Jean-Pierre Seifert; Shay Gueron
Fault Attacks on Encrypted General Purpose Compute Platforms