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My name is Blanton Amspacher and I've been keeping pet invertebrates nearly my entire life. As a kid they never seemed to last very long; it was an unfortunate result of inexperience and lack of education on their husbandry. After many years of dedicated reading and personal experience I've started to learn how to correct my childhood errors. This site is dedicated to the husbandry of invertebrates, specifically the lowly cockroach.
Growing up I kept many different types of insects and arachnids but I never, ever saw a cockroach. I was warned about how dirty they are and how they will infest your home. They seemed like terrifying insects and I never would have thought about keeping them in a jar, let alone as a pet! This gross misconception was held by myself, and by my family for as long as I can remember.

About five years ago all of that changed...in a big way. I purchased a pair of Pandinus imperator, the Emperor scorpion. They are a rather large and mildly venomous arachnid with a insatiable hunger for pet store bought crickets. I'm sure many of you had an Anole or something or other as a kid that ate these crickets as well. I am also sure that if you kept any number of them you would likely recall the horrid stench and endless late night chirping which emanated from their container. Well swing back around to that wonderful 6" cricket munching scorpion, and me, nearly gagging at that cricket stink five years ago. Yeck!

I finally had enough and joined an arachnid based forum to research an alternative food source. The first feeder I came across was Blaptica dubia the Guyana Orange Spotted Cockroach...yeah right...like I would keep nasty cockroaches in my house was my first thought. Well, after reading an almost endless amount of praise for the insects I folded my hand and gave in. Shortly after I purchased my starter colony I was noticing something odd. I spent more time watching them than my scorpions! I was mesmerized; here, in front of me scuttled 100 of the most feared animal in the world and I loved it. I was hooked, and it was all downhill from there! I currently keep over 25 species of cockroach in cultures ranging from 3-4 animals to as many as 5,000+ specimens. This website is dedicated to my experiences raising these fascinating animals and their care.

More pages to come soon!

A note about the information and images on this website. I do not claim to be an expert and you can use my advice as a general guide; however do so at your own risk. The methods I mention are what works for me, if it doesn't for you I cannot be held liable for lost animals or equipment. The images belong to their respective owners and I do not claim a majority (some are) of the imagery to be my own or owned by me. If you want your image removed from this site please email me and I will make sure it happens. The content of this website (imagery when noted) is ©Blanton Amspacher 2014. All information on this site is for public use and may be linked back to me and used for projects and other websites (except unowned imagery) as long as I am made aware of it. This website is not used to sell anything or make any money for any purpose, it is solely for education.

Current culture list 2014:


Archimandrita tesselata
Eublaberus prosticus 
Gromphadorhina portentosa 
Pycnoscelus striatus

Still in small cultures:
Asiablatta kyotensis
Blaberidae sp. (Kenya) 
Blaberus colosseus 
Blaberus craniifer 
Blaberus fusca 
Blaptica dubia 
Blattella asahinai 
Blattella germanica (black morph) 
Elliptorhina chopardi
Eublaberus distanti 
Eublaberus "ivory" 
Eurycotis floridana 
Eurycotis opaca (sunset)
Gyna caffrorum 
Ischnoptera bilunata
Parcoblatta divisa 
Parcoblatta lata 
Parcoblatta pennsylvanica 
Parcoblatta virginica 
Periplaneta americana 
Periplaneta americana (white eyed) 
Periplaneta australasiae 
Periplaneta brunnea 
Periplaneta fuliginosa 
Schultesia lampyridiformis 
Therea olegrandjeani
Therea regularis

5 Centruroides gracilis 
3 Centruroides sculpuratus 
1 Hadogenes paucidens (M) 
1 Hadrurus arizonensis 
1 Pandinus imperators (4-5i) 
1 Hottentotta hottentotta

Amblypygi:(Tailless whipspider/scorpion)
1 Damon diadema (subadult)

Thelyphonida: (Vinegaroon/Whip scorpion) 
1 Mastigoproctus giganteus

Apidae:(Bees, Non-Wasps) 
Apis mellifera (Russian Honey bee)

Araneae:(True Spiders and Tarantulas) 
1 Grammostola rosea 
1 Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens 
6 Latrodectus variolus

5 Orthoporus ornatus