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The effects of a Trident-sized nuclear warhead on Stirling

posted May 4, 2014, 12:04 PM by Stirling CND
The map below shows the effect- scarily- that a nuclear weapon would have on Stirling. The assumed target is the MoD base at Forthside, and the effects of fallout are not considered, nor are the effects of any other bombs which may have been dropped elsewhere.
Black- Total Destruction    
Red- 70% instant casualties, rising to 83% within 2 days
Orange- 75% fatalities within 1 month
Yellow- Cotton and polyester ignites on the blast

The map, originally produced by Stirling Uni CND, is based on the Scottish CND report 'If Britain Fired Trident' (pdf). How would you fare?

Stirling CND campaigns against the notion that being one of only 9 countries in the world to have the power to do this is something we should be proud of. We believe that causing destruction like this would be unacceptable in any circumstances, and if we aren't going to use them, the British government should not pay £100bn for the next generation of these weapons.