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#StirQT Press Release

posted Mar 14, 2014, 11:48 AM by Stirling CND
13th March 11pm
IMAGE: Stirling University Politics Society

University of Stirling Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (Stirling Uni CND)



Alternative Hustings- #StirQT


Stirling Uni CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) is delighted with the level of support shown for Nuclear Disarmament in the Politics Society/ Air3 hustings from the candidates and the audience, and hopeful that that support can be translated into positive action against weapons of mass destruction in the forthcoming year.

Having been asked by a CND supporter in the audience about what steps they would take to promote CND's aims, and enact the motion 'Trident & Nuclear Disarmament', passed by the Union's GM last October, the candidates for Vice-President Communities were positive about their determination to bring this issue to the forefront of debate on campus. Lauren Marriott pointed out that nuclear disarmament is important for many students on campus, with Rosamond Parker adding that "nuclear weapons are bad for the environment and not very ethical", before going on to detail the steps she believe would benefit the cause.

CND would like to point out, in response to comments from Presidential candidate Conn O'Neill, that it is a single issue peace campaign that exists to campaign against nuclear weapons. We do not oppose military recruitment, the OTC or the armed forces, and have asked Mr. O'Neill to correct his statement on Twitter. We also wish to stress that we as a society have nothing to do with any motions to ban the Officer Training Corps or the military for campus, or call for the disaffiliation of the former.

Ending his speech, O'Neill suggested that "we all go to Faslane...". We'd like to remind him that we will be heading down for a march and rally in George Square, Glasgow on Saturday 5th April, followed by a demonstration at HMNB Clyde (Faslane, where Britain's nuclear-armed submarines are based) on Monday 7th, and invite everyone interested in coming with us to email Hopefully, with his new-found enthusiasm for nuclear-disarmament, Conn O'Neill will join us as well!

Stirling Uni CND and the Politics Society are collaborating on an event to be held on Thursday 3rd April, named 'The Stirling Missile Crisis', which all are welcome to attend, regardless of their views on nuclear weapons- will you be the one to push the world to the brink of Armageddon? For more details as they're released, you can follow Stirling Uni CND on Twitter @StirlingUniCND and on Facebook at




This press release has been sent from Stirling Uni CND. For more information, comment or speakers for interviews, email us at stirunicnd@gmail. If you wish to address your message to a particular committee member, insert FAO and their office in the subject line. Our officers are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Campaigns Officer, Social Secretary & External Events Co-ordinator.