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Melanie Smith - Media ParaProfessional
A Georgia Department of Education "Exceptional" Library Media Center, 2010
8:00 am - 4:05 pm
for book check out and computer usage. Students arriving early (8:00-8:20 AM) need to sign in and work quietly on school projects.
  Media Center Guidelines:  Review our check out policies and library rules.

Media Programs

Strive for Success Online Form
CMS 2017-18 Reading Program
Read 6 books each semester for a total of 12 books over the year.  Use the online form  or the QR code below to record your books.  

Strive for Success prizes requires reading a total of 12 books over the year.  The books need to be in the following categories:
    *  A total of 8 fiction books (books, eBooks, and up to 2 graphic novels may be included)
      * A total of 4 non-fiction (includes  biographies, but limited to 2)
    * Complete the online form for each book read.
Prizes will be distributed twice over the year. Read and complete the online form for 6 books before winter break to receive an invite to the donut party in January.
Reading Lists
Reading Lists
Reading Counts books by title and by author. Information about the Young Adult section. Lists of nationally recognized award winning books.

Student Resources

Crabapple MS has multiple on line sources for all students to access.  These sources can be used from school computers, home computers, mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc); anywhere students have access to the internet.  
Databases - ALL the databases can be accessed through MackinVia.
eBooks - Fiction eBooks can be accessed and downloaded from Overdrive and Destiny.  Non-fiction eBooks can be accessed through Destiny and MackinVia.
Books - Destiny is our online catalog for all physical books in the library.

MackinVia - ALL your resources through one portal (access Books, eBooks, databases and digital images).  
[Logon: scroll to Crabapple Middle School for your school name; username = lunch #; password = pw to Fulton County computers.]

Lerner eBooks
Download the Lerner app to your iPad. There are over 60+ fiction and non-fiction eBooks in this app.  When you open a book in the Lerner app it downloads to your iPad and you can read the book without having internet access. 
Username:  Crabapple
Password:  middle



Teacher Resources

Review each cell for lesson plans, video examples, and ideas per subject.  You can see lessons of all the subjects per grade level.  
Arizona TIM for lessons (circle sections that apply to lessons)
Web 2.0 websites and tools.
Review site information along with resource descriptions.  See Ms.Miller with any questions.

CMS InfoBytes Technology Resources
Websites and information to help teachers create lessons.

CMS Video Approval Form
Use this form for all video segments shown in your class. Complete and submit to Dr. Morrissey.

Atlanta-Fulton Public Library:
Place holds on books, DVDs, CDs, etc to be delivered to your local branch. You will need your AFPL library card.

Library Media Specialists

Library Media Specialists topics presented by B. Miller.

How To Achieve Maximum Impact from your Library Program - presented November 6, 2012 to Fulton County Media Specialists.  Click to run the Presentation (.pptx)

eBook & eReaders - presented to the Fulton County Media Specialists, March, 21, 2012.
Click to run the PowerPoint Presentation.

"Check, Standards Done", June, 2011
Download the PowerPoint file and the Excel spreadsheets offered during the presentation:
* Check, Standards Done PowerPoint Presentation
* KQ Class template
* 2011-12 KQ Student Log
* Library Circulation template
* Financial template

GLMA presentation Summer, 2010
"Turn My Desk Around" (.pdf) song by Martha Powell

Where will we be in 3-5 years?
Animoto video by Beth Miller, 2010


Have questions? E-mail Ms. Miller

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