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Railroad Forums:
  • Trainboard The site that started the TBX. TBX is their reporting mark for a few custom cars sold as a fundraiser. I happened to take it a bit  further is all.
  • Model Railroader Forum hosted by Kalmbach Publsihing, sign up is free but several features may require a subscription. Still populated by many knowledgable people and several representatives fo companies such as Rapido and Walthers.
Model Railroads:
  • Here lies the OTHER Madison Railroad. This one came about from names of streets. How convienetm, they were Madison, and Jefferson. I found him Googlin ghte CMPA, he found out about the CMPA qafter he began his layout. Note, as of 6/23/2011, no one has updated that site in a long time.
  • The Lapeer Kitzmiller & Ohio is a regional operator of the former Akron, Canton & Yougstown. HO&N did some consultant work for them on track plans, and the LK&O & CMPA met. LK&O does a boom grain industry, as well as coal and industrial, but is primarily a bridge route between CN CSX, and NS. An easy way for us to bypass long yardtimes and Class-1 prices.

Model Companies:

Reference Pages
  • The Passenger Car Photo Index created by John Laboda, this is a highly comprehensive library of links regarding any and every Passenger car he can find, even obscure 1800s cars such as the fish carriers
Historical Societies
  • The Frisco Tech. Hist. Society forum I'm on there for information to model a consist behind a pretty E8, but for all you Frisco fans, there's so much more. Highly knowledgable, and quick on the responses.
Links of and about Madison, her railroads, and her history