A group of rabbit hunters in Schenectady formed a sports club in 1877. It was incorporated as The Mohawk Club eight years later. In 1905, The Club moved to its present location, on the very ground chosen by Arendt Van Curler, the founder of Schenectady, for his first home in 1662, and the very building that housed the headquarters of the Mohawk Bank in 1814.

During the 20th century, membership climbed dramatically. But, as is the case with many city clubs in these modern times, the current level of support prompted the membership to sell the building in 2003 to The Stockade Inn, and lease back a portion for Club use. This arrangement has allowed The Club to expand its menu, and hours of operation, all at a reduced cost to members.

Building on this rich history, The Club remains as one of the few bastions of civility in the 21st century. To this day, The Mohawk Club continues to be The Place to Meet, by providing members and their guests with an elegant yet familiar atmosphere governed by a Constitution and By-Laws that have stood the test of time since 1885.

Since the 19th century, The Mohawk Club has been the only private social club of its kind in the city of Schenectady. Its success in attracting a select group of business, civic, and professional leaders is explained by the wide range of unique benefits it offers members.