These are a few of the instruments I've made. Most have been sold and a few I've kept for myself and my family. Some are authentic 16th century instruments, some are adaptations for backpacking, some are specially developed for music in education, and some are simply for fun. 

The wooden trumpet was a response to seeing mediaeval angels (in pictures and carvings, not visions!) holding unfeasibly long instruments. If they were metal they'd need muscles of a hammer thrower. Also Sir Gawain and the Green Knight mentions "crackyng of trumpets". Could they have been wooden? After a couple of days on the lathe the answer came with ear splitting clarity.

As with all my work, if you have an idea then please email me and we can discuss it.

Thigh bone fiddle. £200 By a strange serendipity of anatomy and physics, the optimum size for a fiddle exactly matched my own femur. Gladly I copied it in sycamore, pear, box and alpine spruce! 

My own electric mandoline with custom Kent Armstrong pickup, Schaller machine heads. I made it from maple with oak, beech and pear details. Nut, bridge and internal tailpiece from brass. Not for sale.

Three course gittern made for a beginner. £300. I made this with authentic tools and glues as part of a reenactment at Kentwell Hall.

Early 16th century (one piece body) cittern but with modern machine heads to save my sanity (and that of any listeners) when tuning and practising at home . £300. 

The Green Carpenter blowing his own trumpet. Not for sale but could be copied. 

Backpacking mandoline. £220. Purely in the interest of product development (!), I took this in a small pannier on a motorcycle trip from London to Nordkapp and back. It survived and I play it at home.

Rebecs in sycamore, pear, box and alpine spruce. £250

Cittern made as an experiment. Successful, but would have to sell at over £1000.

Electric 2 string guitar developed for pupils with special educational needs. I also made a one string electric bass to be played VERY LOUDLY with a drumstick. Both were from recycled shelving with second hand electrics and machine heads. About £100.