Grant Recipients


The Clinton Education Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of student grants:



Nikolas Clados                4           Invention Convention                                

Ollie Snow                       4           Invention Convention                                

Eduardo Gonzalez        6           Tang So Doo Study                                      

Samuel Gonzalez           4           Tang So Doo Study                                      

Jordan McMillan            11        National Youth Leadership Forum Yale

Noah Scarpace               10        Brown Fencing Camo                                  

Nathan Voelker              3           Boy Scouting               


Crisangel Afanador 3                   Wesleyan computer camp

Vanessa Horan         7                   Creative dramatics class

Annalese Kennedy    7                   Summer sing camp

Logan Cuimmings    8                   Summer art camp

Lauren Bousquet      11                 Johnson & Wales culinary camp


Chidra Ogbogu                                  4                                Summer camp

Alexandra Wolf                                 6                                National Youth Leadership: Explore STEM

Kayla Pellegrini                                 8                                Dance program

Julia Horan                                         10                              Fencing camp

Jared Spanier                                     12                              Baseball program

Mackensie Blanusa, grade 9 ,  African studies trip
Colin Kelly, grade 3, Ecology camp
Wyatt Reu, grade 8, Expolo summer experience
Justin Santamaria, grade 12, Collge tuition, physical therapy
Deacon Vollhardt, grade 3, YMCA Camp


Landry Carroll - YMCA Summer camp ( Hip-hop Dance, Adventure Week)

Madison Garbinski - CT Elite Field Hockey Camp

Jacob Gerte - Tuition, Emergency Room Nurse

Jenna Scanlon - Summer Camp for Children with Diabetes


Jonathan Chan - National Student Leadership Conference in Engineering

Jillian Accetta - Purchase Trumpet and Music Lessons

Lindsay Harden - Academy of Dance

Miles Waterbury - Dance World Event to Disney World

Krystal Broughton - Cheerleading Camp


Carlie Scanlon – SummerSing camp

Andrew Tessman – money towards purchase of a trumpet

Shannon Blencowe – art program

Christopher Jump – commuting expenses for college


Amanda Lucas – summer cheerleading camp

Gianna Folz – travel with the United Girls Choir and voice lessons

Rachel Ford - voice and instrument lessons

Katelyn Maurais – money towards cost of participating in the Junior Miss Dance America

Katie Elliot – community service summer program

Mark Foster –


Scott Massaro – Soundview YMCA Teen Explorers Camp

Nicholas Story – money towards the purchase of an alto saxophone

Cedar Hittle – Carnegie Mellon Art Museum Summer Camp for Art and Architecture

Amber Vuilleumier – art lessons and supplies

Logan Irmscher – weeklong canoeing program on the Connecticut River




Karla Rivadeneira          12        Tuition

Jenna Morello                12        Tuition

Alyssa Robinson             12        Tuition

Katie Kozak                      11        Monserrat College of Art Summer Program


Lauren Vigorito        12                 tuition; study abroad

Julia Hornyak            12                 tuition; health sciences

Tyler Newfield          10                 National Youth Forum, medicine


Jessica Accetta                                  12                                      College - pediatric diabetes APRN

Shelby Mehmet                                 12                                      College tuition

Jamie Corcoran                                 11                                       Biotechnology summer program

Stephanie Smallshaw                        11                                       Center for Creative Youth


Patrick McAllister, grade 12, College tuition
Erika Renkl, grade 12, College tuition
Amanda Thompson, grade 10, Broadreach: Marine biology study

Lucas Edwards - Tuition, Berklee College of Music
Kendra Hixon - Tuition, Multilingual Occupational Therapist
PaulMichael Mullally - National Student Leadership Conference Mastering Leadership
Mitch Neddermann - Babson College Lead America for Business and Engineering Program

Christine Adams - City Year in Los Angeles
Sarah Stearns - College Tuition
Emily Cuseo - National Student Leadership Conference in Forensic Science
Miranda Richard - Leadership for Social Change Forum at Brown University





Kristin Yahwak Pierson Flexible seating

Lynn Breton Morgan Kitchen equipment

Emily Russel Morgan Model United Nations

Amy Ruzzo Joel Mindfulness and Yoga

Leila Mustakos Eliot Ukulele program


Colleen Bloom          Eliot              Healthy Choices workshops

Bev Bowen               Pierson         Book clubs

Joanne Cozzolino     Morgan        Recreation Nights

Kate Madura            Pierson/Joel Math; Be Curious

Tyler Webb               Morgan        South Dakota trip


Leslie Chausse / Heather O’Brien        Morgan                               iPad Minis

Beth Nadeau                                   Morgan                               Girls State funding

Lisa Roman                                          Joel                                      Markerspaces supplies



Sue Peterson, Morgan, Spanish classes to Spain
Beth Nadeau, Morgan, Girls State funding


Joanne Nunan - Knife Sets for Culinary Classes

Rina McGinley - iPad 3 for World Language Classes

Melissa McIntyre - Community Garden

Leslie Chausse - Google Chromebooks for Journalism Classes


John Dombi/Derek Karcich - Apple iPad Touch Package (to incorporate music and video into the Healthy and Balanced Living Curriculum)

Michele Jones - Sound Equipment (to incorporate dance fitness into the Eliot Middle School PE curriculum)


Andrea Lehberger and Lesley Young – 5 handheld flip cameras for world language program at Eliot

John Dombi and Derek Karcich – Trek Carving vehicles at Joel

Laurie DelGrego and Joanne Cozzolino – purchase of a library for Literature Circles at Morgan

Ross Tucker – Jared Eliot Band Room cd player, receiver, and speakers


Joanne Cozzolino and Leslie Chausse – Amnesty International: Planning an Agenda to Educate and Engage The Morgan School Community

Dawn Paradise – Healthy Choices Day at Eliot: 2010 multi-media presentation

Kate Madura and Lisa Roman – Poetry Collaboration for Grades 2 and 5

Derek Karcich and John Dombi – Getting On a Roll in Education – purchase of helmets and protective equipment for use with Trikke Carving vehicles at Joel


Kalli Schutz – Juggling and Manipulation in Physical Education at Morgan

Regina Wohlke and Chris Comiskey – The Giving Garden at Joel


John Madura – Enhanced 2D/3D Representation Using Mathematica 6.0 Software at Morgan

Nancy McAllister and Gail Gosselin – The Art of Folksongs at Joel

John Dombi and Derek Karcich – Indian Bridge at Joel


We're always looking for ways to bring people together for a great cause.



The Clinton Education Foundation

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