Our Story
Bylaws          Certificate of Incorporation

The Clinton Education Foundation was founded in the spring of 2006 to:
  • promote, augment and improve public school education in Clinton by providing funding and other resources to the Clinton Public Schools above and beyond what is provided by federal, state, and local governments;

  • provide financial resources for initiatives that increase awareness of, involvement in, and support for public school education; and

  • work collaboratively with the Board of Education, administration, and staff of the Clinton Public Schools, and with other agencies, to support initiatives and activities that will expand and/or enhance public school education in Clinton.
People interested in furthering these goals are invited to do so through gifts, bequests, or participation in related activities.  The Clinton Education Foundation (CEF) is a 501(c)3, non-profit, tax-exempt organization that is independent of, but working in partnership with, the Clinton Board of Education. This means that qualifying donations are tax exempt.

CEF is governed by a Board of Directors that meets on a regular basis. Membership of the Board includes business people, parents, educators, and others who are interested in promoting public schools of excellence. All members of the Board are unpaid volunteers.

To date, CEF has made awards under the Brett Renfrew Memorial Scholarship Program; augmented funds from the Town for a new playground at the Joel School; instituted the Albert E. Coviello Educator Grant program; and established a grant program for students in third to twelfth grades.

The Brett Renfrew Scholarship Program has provided stipends for students who wish to follow a dream that will help foster their growth and development.  Students have used the scholarship monies to defray college costs, to travel overseas, to enroll in a summer enrichment program, to develop an artistic talent, and to participate in any other activity that will allow them to pursue a personal goal.

The Albert A. Coviello Educator grants have provided funds to members of the Clinton Public Schools' staff to pursue projects that could not be funded through traditional channels.  Some of the grants that have been awarded to teachers have enabled them to purchase equipment for the Morgan and Joel physical education departments and software for the Morgan School math department; to provide transportation and supplies for interdisciplinary programs Joel and intra-grade collaborations at Joel and Pierson; for a workshop to facilitate an Amnesty International project at The Morgan School; and to augment funds for a multi-media program at the Eliot School's 2010 Healthy Choices Day.

The CEF Student Grant program was instituted in 2009 to help fulfill CEF's mission to enhance the education of students of the Clinton Public Schools.  The grants are provided to students in grades three through twelve who express a passion for the arts, academics, or athletics.  To date, students have used grants to attend a summer architectural program at Carnegie Mellon University; to supplement funds for the study of art, music, and dance; to attend a summer cheerleading program; and to travel across the country to participate in a community service program.



The purpose of the CEF is to:

  • Provide funding and other resources to promote augment and improve public school education in Clinton, Connecticut;

  • Provide financial resources for initiatives that increase awareness of, involvement in and support for public school education;

  • Work collaboratively with the Clinton Board of Education and the administration and staff of Clinton Public Schools to assist, sponsor, and support initiatives and activities that will expand and/or enhance public school education in Clinton, Connecticut; and

  • Otherwise engage in any lawful act and activity consistent with the foregoing for which corporations may be formed under the Act (CT Revised Nonstock Corporation Act).


Board Members 

Paul Serenbetz, President     Melanie Elliot, Treasurer

Dolly Mezzetti, Secretary


Maribeth Breen

Deborah Grass

Linda Gworek

Jan Karcich

Lisa Lindsay

Maria Moran

Sue Schreck

Eileen Smith

Linda Stuhlman

Gina Wohlke


Wendy Irmscher


Core Values

  • Excellence:  Providing the Clinton community with resources to support initiatives in the Clinton public schools which challenge students faculty and other groups to pursue excellence in education

  • Inclusiveness:  Embracing diversity in the Clinton education community, with a commitment to understanding and addressing the shared and unique needs of all members of that community

  • Service Responsiveness:  Understanding that our focus is on service to our students, staff, schools, School District and community, and that this service is provided in a timely and thoughtful manner

  • Integrity and Credibility:  Conducting business according to the highest ethical principles and serving as trustworthy stewards of CEF resources

  • Collaboration:  Recognizing that we can accomplish our purpose only with the strong support and partnership of other individuals, businesses, and groups who share our vision

  • Philanthropy:  Believing that ethical and effective fundraising are the cornerstones of philanthropy and that CEF will offer the Clinton community a vehicle for philanthropy focused on pursuing excellence in public education

  • Stewardship and Accountability:  Acknowledging our responsibility to report on our activities to our donors and the community-at-large


"To enhance public education in the Clinton Public Schools."

The core activities through which CEF fulfills this mission include program/project grants to teachers and students and the administration of the Brett Renfrew Memorial Scholarship.



Clinton Public Education will develop the intellectual, social, emotion and physical talents of our children to achieve their maximal potential. 
Please note our new address:
P.O. Box 684
Clinton, CT 06413