Key references

Below are some links to some major articles and sites related to climate change.

Atmospheric moisture:


Increase in extreme precipitation      (figure 2.18)


Extreme summer heat:


Arctic ice volume:

Jet stream:

Atmospheric greenhouse gas effect:


Other factors (solar irradiance, volcanoes, etc.):


Wet areas wetter, dry areas drier:


Sea level rise:


Ocean acidification:

Impact lag time and locked in impacts:


Two degrees of warming:


Historical CO2 levels:


350 ppm, and ice-free at 450 ppm:


Per capita carbon budget:


80 percent of fossil fuels must remain in the ground:


Insurance companies see uptick in climate-related damages:

 Additional information to answer the question about risks of sea level rise:


Summary of the science and long-term trends for key indicators


About 20,000 more references to the science:


Explanations of climate and related topics:


Example of a green power provider:


Cost of “fueling” a car with solar power:


Business and investing perspective: