January 2019

Top story

The transition to 100% renewables can be achieved at about a quarter of the cost of current subsidies for fossil fuels.



Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson: 100% renewable energy will reduce total energy cost by 50% and social costs by 88%.



An example showing 89% savings from using solar to power electric cars.




Ice Loss Accelerating

Antarctic ice loss is accelerating.



Greenland ice loss is accelerating



North American Glacier ice loss is accelerating



Fast-melting Antarctic Thwaite glacier shows new signs of destabilization.




Impacts on communities

In Bangladesh, hundreds of thousands face an impossible choice between battered coastlines and urban slums.



Australia baked in 120 degree weather.




Public opinion

72% of polled Americans now say global warming is personally important to them.



How the fossil fuel industry got the media to think climate change is debatable




Public policy

Leading economists support carbon fee and dividend.



We can de-carbonize the economy faster with wind and solar than with nuclear.



Pentagon says climate change threatens a majority of mission-critical military bases.



Tackling the twin challenges of climate change and inequality.



U.S. top court rejects Exxon in climate change document dispute



Climate and Cyber Risks Top Concerns Facing the World in 2019



Vancouver city council voted to declare climate emergency




Climate records and trends

The past four years have been the hottest four years on record.  See first table at:



Heat waves are getting hotter and also larger.



Brace for impact: oceans are heating up faster than previously thought




Scientific research

Chill spill: how the brutally cold Arctic blast that hit the U.S. might be linked to the warming trend in the Arctic.



A new, better understanding about how the Atlantic Ocean Circulation works may improve climate forecasts.




Business perspective

Climate Change Is forcing the insurance industry to recalculate



New York-based Amalgamated Bank won't lend to fossil fuel projects




Clean Energy Progress

Global investment in clean energy was about $300 billion last year (comparable to previous years).




Fundamentals and Fun Facts

Climate solutions ranked by Drawdown team (click on the search field to view the list)



One solar panel produces as much electricity as 10,000 pounds of coal.



Disruption caused by extreme rainfall last month

Extreme rainfall is on the increase; below are some examples from January:


Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay – 4 Killed After Record Rainfall

Australia – Queensland Rivers at Record Levels After 24 inches of Rain

Bolivia – 10,000 people have been affected

Brazil – Hundreds Missing After Tailings Dam Collapse in Minas Gerais

Burundi – Floods in Bujumbura Leave 10 Dead

Chile – Evacuations After Rivers Overflow in Arica

Indonesia – 15 Dead, 20 Missing After Landslide in West Java

Indonesia – Deadly Floods Hit South Sulawesi with 12 inches rain

Indonesia – Deadly Landslide in Bali

Madagascar – Several killed as building collapse during floods

Niger – Rising Rivers Cause Flooding in Tillaberi and Diffa Regions

Peru – Dozens of Homes Destroyed by Floods

Philippines – 20,000 Evacuate Floods in Davao Region

Saudi Arabia – Dozens Rescued After Floods in North and West

South East Africa – 20 killed in Deadly Storms and Floods

Spain – 4 dead in Floods in Asturias

Sri Lanka – Over 100,000 Affected by Floods After Days of Heavy Rain


Reference: http://floodlist.com/