Calendar of Events

    1) CCDEC monthly meeting for June 27, 2019  
       (Thursday), will begin with dinner at 6:30PM. Doors open 
       at 6 PM. New and Regular business will begin promptly at 

   2) We will have (2) special guests at our June meeting. 
       Dr. Adia Winfrey, Talladega County Chair and former        
       candidate for U.S. Congress will be our guest speaker.
       We are also very pleased to introduce our Ranburne
       High School scholarship winner, Ms. Averi Crook.

   3) The CCDEC Food Bank is open Saturday mornings                    from 9:00 A.M. until 11:00 A.M. at Party Headquarters
        in downtown Heflin. To receive help, merely come in,
        tell us there is a need, and help yourself to whatever 
        is available.